Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 21.1km - Official Results

I completed my 4th half marathon for the year in 2 hours and 31 mins!!!

Happy to see the finish line! :)
Pic credits to Marathon-Photos.com

:D :D :D

Managed to shave off 5 minutes from my previous PB record at Sundown Marathon...

Can't wait for my upcoming runs, half marathons and my first ever marathon in the next 6 months...



  1. Congrats...r u running for Seremban Half? see you there :)

    Coincidentally SCKLM was also my 4th HM, will upgrade to FM next year.

  2. ei, si comel! happy nya dah nak sampai.. ahaha.. like really happy!! haha.. congrats again babe..

  3. rayzeef: thanks! no i'll be going to ipoh kot.. hehe.. maybe next year for seremban.. :) have fun!
    you can do FM already la with your timing ;)

    izrin: hahaha...memang happy coz i was coughing away and wanted to finish the HM! Thanks and congrats to you again babe! :)

  4. heheh ..... glad to see that you were still smiling ear to ear at the finishing line .... well, that's what we call Passion! way to go girlll!

  5. ian: thanks! :) yeah, i was really happy to see the finishing line considering that i was coughing away during my run and the fact that i managed to beat my previous PB too :D congrats to you too!