Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sundown Marathon Singapore 21km...

Completed my 3rd half marathon for the year! Yayyyyyyy! :)

The race started/ended at Changi Exhibition Centre...

We thought the race point will be the same as the one that we did 2 years ago, but it wasn't...

When we left the hotel at 730pm, we didn't think there was going to be any traffic...

Boy, we were wrong...

There were a lot of cars, we were stuck in traffic for about 30 mins and even got lost because we were not sure on the starting point...

We arrived at our destination 12 mins before the half marathon started!

3 of us before the race started:

Had a similar image taken 2 years ago:


At the starting line...

I think there were about 5000 runners for this category... Couldn't really pace myself for the first 4km as there were LOADS of people running ahead of me...

Didn't bring my camera and phone during my run coz I wanted to concentrate on my running... ;P

My bladder decided to give me troubles so I had to stop for a toilet break at the 7km route...And there was only 1 toilet that was working!!! So I 'wasted' 4 mins of my time waiting for my turn... *Pppfftttttt*

The route was a flat one ( I like!) but there wasn't any view...Noise pollution from the planes taking off though...

The last 3km was very challenging...I really had to push myself to complete the half marathon...Sprinted at my last 1km...And nearly puked after that :P

Crossing the line! :)
Outfit for the run:  (New) Supernova Fitted Tank by adidas, Response 'Drei Streifen'  Baggy Short by adidas, Nike Elite Structure Cushioned Quarter running socks and Gel Nimbus-11 shoes by Asics
Pic credits to Marathon-Photos.com

With my 3rd finisher medal for 21km for the year :)

Beat my previous record by 8 mins! Woohoooo! Personal best so far... *Pat on the back*

Pictures after the race:

These girls MADE me run 2 years ago :P
Much love to you both, Rose and Nyna :)

With the bootcampers that ran as well...
I don't know why I wasn't ready for this shot..
Big shoutouts to Luyen and Peggy for completing their first half marathons with superb timings respectively! HOOYAH!!!

The cheerleaders that came all the way from KL to support us...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

2 years ago at Sundown:

We participated in 10km corporate team challenge
With Nyna, Rose and Hani

2 years later: 

We're still happy with running! :)

The highlight of the night was when my Dadaa texted me and congratulated me on my half marathon... Finally, my father is on my side when it comes to my running activities ;)

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Kak Haza and Mr Tey for completing the ultramarathon! You both are my idols! :)

Next run: Standard Chartered KL Marathon...


  1. interesting pics of very happy faces ... great to know that u guys enjoy running. way to go sistas!!!

  2. ian: thank you! anything for the camera, even when we're in pain ;P

  3. Thanks, Yana. Esp for the songs! Congrats on your new PB. You girls were glowing. Wanna upgrade to full soon?

  4. kak haza: you're welcome for the songs :) and thanks! upgrading to full at the end of the year :)