Monday, June 21, 2010

Red Eye...

Recently, I bought these 2 supplements to try out from GNC:

GNC Double Strength Fish Body Oil


GNC Triflex™
Pics credit to GNC Malaysia website

A week later, I woke on Thursday morning with my left eye looking funny...

Close-up look on the red eye

Decided to go to the doctor on Friday morning since my left eye was looking smaller and redder...And I had a bad sore throat and feverish body to accompany my left red eye...

The doctor told me that it might be an allergic reaction to the supplements that I've started taking... So I am assuming that it's due to the 2 supplements above and she told me to lay off those 2 supplements for now...

Even with my red eye, it didn't stop myself to go out and watch the Italy vs New Zealand game last night...

Debuting my Italy 2010 World Cup jersey with my left red eye :P

Disappointing game last night though :(

Decided to go to the doctor again this morning and she gave a bunch of medicines for my eye, throat and nose...

Anyone out there can help me out on this since I don't want to waste those 2 newly bought supplements? :S 


  1. are u sure that you're not actually a vempire? he he

    take care and rajin2 makan obat ;)

  2. rayzeef: haha... if i am one i wouldn't be out and running around during the day :P thanks!