Monday, January 31, 2011

Awesome (Camwhoring) Session @ Putrajaya Twilight Challenge...

The plan: To run as far as 33km on Saturday night (29 Jan)...

The culprit: Miss KD (If only I didn't bump into her... Excuse :P)

The result: Ran (and gossiped) for 15km (we think... and yes created our very own category :P) under the drizzling rain and had loads of fun taking pictures for the entire night ;)

Evidence as below:

Before the run:

The running skirters - Shanaz and I ;)

Happy/'Gedik' pose before registering myself ;) 
Pic credits to Jamie 

Happy runners we are :)
Pic credits to Shanaz

With the runfool chicas ;)

During the run:

Replenishing at the 2nd last water station!
Pic credits to Tey

My 'hello everyone' pose while running ;)
Pic credits to Tey

Seconds before completing our very own 5km :P
Pic credits to Tey

After the run:

Team 30km duo :P

With Nik of Enaikay

With superkurus Jamie ;)

With Ian of Corporate Athletes!

With my 1st finisher medal of the year! ;)

With Ray and Syah

Finally! A pic with Tey! ;)

With the RBUs ;)

Chicas with the organiser, Irwan ;)
Two thumbs up to Irwan for organising this fun session for us :D

See!!! We're such camwhores right?!!! But I'd like to think that we make running look oh-so-much fun!!! ;) 

So, next time, if you ever see me, snap a pic with me ok? I'll be more than glad to strike a pose ;)

Hope everyone had a fun weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air :)

Wow... It has been a week since my last entry...

And yes, it has been a busy week for me... Currently attending a week's worth of seminars for my work...

*Pengsan*... I feel like a student all over again with the back-to-back talks...

Oh, and I've decided to chop my 'bobby' hair over the weekend after thinking about it for too many times!!! Hehe... Just wanted to go ahead and do it since I needed a change... ;)

And here's the result :):

With my stylist for the past 3 years already :)
What do you think? Yayy or nayy? ;)

I am still getting used to the new hair since it has been a while since I've never had such (supershort!) hairdo...

And for my dadaa who likes to see his daughter in long hair, he actually like this hairdo!!! Yayyyy!!! :D

Will blog more once I'm done with my last session this Friday...

Hope everyone's having a good week so far :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Miss Vain

Just had to share this super duper cute video that made me smile and made my Wednesday a happy one :)

The little munchkin is one of my friends, Huda's daughter, Cik Aiyu Isabella... And she is 7 months old now...

Huda is currently living in North Dakota with her family and I read her blog every now and then... And pretty much her entries are about her life there and the star of her life...

This particularly video was shot because Cik Aiyu saw herself on the screen of the videocam...

Don't you feel like rolling this supercute bub into a ball and bite her? ;P

Hope all is well over there, Huda! Please come back soon so that we can squeeze and geram-in her! ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quote of the day

Pic credits to

" It is sad to know when two people, who used to share everything with each other, are just strangers now." 

- Ms Road Runner -

I hope that this will be the last time and that I don't have to endure feeling this way again... Sangat exhausting when you've been there for too many times already...

And I'm just too 'young' to be starting over at this point... Hehe... 

Well, God has better plans for me... After all, there's always a rainbow after a hurricane right? (Curi Katy Perry's lyrics from Firework :P)

InsyaAllah and amin :) 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011 Model Search...

Last month, the organisers posted on their Facebook page and asked the 'fans' to post a picture on themselves on the page to be selected as the 'model' that'll be featured on their print materials for the upcoming race in April...

I wanted to give it a shot just for the fun of it so I posted this picture on the page:

My only purchase from from Marathon Singapore ;)

I was lucky enough to be shortlisted by them and we had to go to the advertising agency, TBWA-Tequila at Bukit Damansara for the audition...

Since I've never been to any casting calls or auditions, I really didn't know what to expect... The art director asked me to say a few things about myself directly to the video cameraman, took a couple of shots, and was instructed to do a couple of serious warm-up poses... As though I am ready and game for the race... But I'm always happy before I run though... Hehe... It was a fun experience indeed!

So here's one of the serious poses that I did:

Ada hati to stretch that way with my skirt :P
Pic credits to Mr Runwitme
I finally met the infamous photographer here in person! ;)

You can read all about the audition at his blog by clicking here... 

I didn't expect anything out of the audition since I thought that there's only going to be one winner for the search...

It turns out that about 16 of us were selected and I got the call last night to finalise on the things that I have to bring to the photo shoot...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going for a short run on my happymill to wake my tiny 'muskels' (like ada je) up :P 

I'm SUPER excited as this will be my first time participating in a photo shoot tonight! ;) 

Have a good weekend everyone! :D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sprint Day at Pacesetters 10th Track Meet

I know I'm a bit behind on this update (3 days only... OK what :P), but I had such a super hectic weekend (only slept for 2-3 hours since Friday till Sunday) and had the much-needed rest for the past 2 days...

But I had such fun last Sunday with these fellas from Team RBU: 

Team RBU:
Back: Razif, Ijam, Azhar and Fiki
Front: Shanaz, Moi, Aini and Mawar

Last 2 weeks, Mr Ray Ray facebook-ed me and asked if I was interested to be part of the women's team for the RBUs... And since I was a sprinter back in both high and primary schools, thought it'll be fun to join and do something productive on a Sunday morning ;)

Our team did spectacularly well on that superhot day and bagged 12 medals in total... 

As for me, I contributed 4 'pingat emas-es' to the team :) Woot woot!!! The only timings that I managed to remember was that I clocked in at 16.12 secs for my 100m and 6 mins 12 secs for the women's 4x100m relay... :D 

Of course, there were a lot of camwhoring moments... Team RBU ni memang suka posing semuanya :P:

My fave shot by Shanaz ;)

Lari also can pose ok ;P
Pic credits to Tey

Pic credits to KK

Pic credits to Tey

Macam menang besar :P
Pic credits to Rozmi 

With our babies ;)

With the running queen ;) 

Massive congratulations to everyone and let's do this again next year!!!

But, please have additional runners... Tak larat to run all of the events weiii :P 

If you want to read the full report, click here and read Mr Ray Ray's report... (Razif: I jual your blog ni... Nanti boleh belanja I lagi k :P)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Things To Do in 2011 :)

Inspired by the gorgeous Doc on the Run's post, I thought I should list down the things that I want and hope to accomplish in 2011 since it's still the first week of the month... :)

So, in 2011... I AM going to:

1. Train for my first triathlon ;)
Yes!!! It has always been a dream to call myself a triathlete... And since I'm quite OK with the swimming part, I've to train myself on the bike part... There goes my skin again... :P And if I'm ready, I'll take up the sprint challenge at Desaru at the end of the year... Now, I need to find myself a reasonably priced bike.. Any suggestions? :)

2. Run one of the BIG 5 marathons
Since I don't really have any commitments (yet) in my personal life, I thought I wanna take a shot at running at one of the big 5s this year... Since I was turned down in Oct to run for this year's London Marathon, I've registered to run at the NYC Marathon since my running gedik Shanaz ran last year and had an awesome time... My running partners, Rose and Nyna have registered themselves for the Berlin Marathon... But the thing is, Berlin and NYC are just 5 weeks apart... AND I have to wait til end of April to know whether I'll get a place to run or not... So I've been associating myself with lots of pictures from the marathon and the city itself just to get positive vibes... Hoping and praying that I'll get in!!! :)

3. Visit Taman Negara Pahang
I've always wanted to go there but didn't have the kakis at that time.. Since I've made friends with became closer with the peeps from my Mt Kinabalu trip last year, we've been discussing about it... Hopefully this will be materialised since it's not far from KL and that I do want to get in touch with nature again... But before that...

4. Go on a beachy trip
I know I've been constantly writing this down on my blog but the truth is I haven't found the right time and kaki(s) to go with since we need to sync with each other's busy schedules... But I am trying to go before my birthday in April or before one of my penyeris gets hitched this year...

5. Run 4 (full) marathons...
So far I've signed up for Borneo and NYC, I've to find to 2 more to complete this mission... Maybe one in Thailand and one in Gold Coast? Hmmm bankrupt bankrupt...

6. Beat my PBs for Half and Full Marathon
My current PBs for 21.1km is 2 hours 19 mins and 5 hours 19 mins for my full respectively... I am trying to get a sub-2 hour (half) and sub-430 hour (full)... Wishful thinking but one can always give it a try and hope right since I have 11 months to do so? ;)

7. Have piggy banks
I've yet to buy one... Hehe... But I seriously need to get at least two for this year's running trips and 2012's running and leisure trips since keeping extra money in the bank doesn't really work... :P I'm quite excited that I've planned out 2 trips so far for 2012... Super advance and free betul Road Runner ni :P

8. Spend more time with my keyboard
My dad has made big fuss about this since it was my idea to purchase the supercool Roland keyboard last year instead of buying the traditional piano to replace my 28-year old one... And I haven't been able to make 'love' that much with my keyboard last year due to the jam packed weekends... Hence, I'll make sure this time around that I'll spend at least once/twice a week with it... Maybe I'll share videos here? ;)

9. Lose 3 kgs
According to my height, my ideal weight should 3 kilos lighter -___-  I'd like to think that the extra 3s are my muscles that I've developed from the running and hiking trips...  Hehehe... But my weight has been the same for the past 2 years... So need to find alternative ways to try and lose them...

10. Get a scuba diving license
My 2nd brother gave me cash last year for my birthday to do this... But my dadda didn't let me go as the last minute as he has water issues... According to him, the ONLY way for me to do this is through my future husband's blessings... Hmmm... do you think I can find and marry one before November? :P Again, wishful thinking but I'm finding my ways to get his OK this year... Hehe...

11. Do things out of the ordinary
This could be other outdoor activities such as skydiving, white water rafting or even bungee jumping ;) Oh the adrenaline rush just by the thought of doing one of these!!! Or it could be travelling or backpacking on my own... Who knows? You gotta at least try and do something rare once in a while eyy... ;)

So there you go... 11 things... InsyaAllah and if God permits, I hope I will be able to accomplish all of the above by this year...

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

Oh, and do drop by Stadium Selayang this Sunday if you wanna see us runners sprint our hearts out at the Pacesetters Club Malaysia's 10th Track Meet! ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Social Media

Gone are the days where we rely on TV, print and radio for news and information...

Just had to share this awesome and cool video with all of you on stats and facts about the social media networks that we're probably engaged in at the moment that I found on YouTube...

It's so fascinating to see how technology (especially digital) has evolved over the decade and is being part of our daily lives...

I remember using IRC and ICQ back in high school to make friends, and then came Friendster and MySpace during my uni days... And now, there's just too many networks available on the net... I can't even keep up with Facebook and Twitter ;P

General knowledge is cool kan ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pacesetters Club Malaysia 10th Track Meet

Hello all!!!

First post of the year!!! Woot woot!!! ;)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend...

Anyways, Pacesetters Club Malaysia is organising their 10th Track Meet this Sunday... Details as below:

Time: 7am
Place: Stadium Selayang, Selangor
Entry Fee: RM10
Closing Date: Friday 7 Jan 2011

We're looking for an additional (female) runner to complete our 4x100m and 4x400m relay team... Of course I'll be part of the team... Can't wait for this since it's been years since I've sprinted at a track field ;)

Interested? Please email me at asap k :)

It will be an awesome team, I promise :D