Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Runners in the Media (Part 3) :)

I am (again) honoured and privileged to be chosen as one of the so-called 'talents' (haha :P) to promote and hype up the biggest race in Malaysia, the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur (KL) Marathon that will be happening next month :)

And yesterday, this ad was featured in one of the nation's newspaper, in our native language, Bahasa Melayu :)


Can't wait!!!


Run Like A (Happy) Girl

Another article by Captain G on us running girls ;)

Just because we're sweating it out, it doesn't mean that we can't look nice right?

So, always, always look pretty, even when you're working out ;)



IT’S a well-known fact: women love fashion. From girly to tomboy to sporty, we all love to look great in our own way. As running has become the current rage, so too has fashion for women runners.



What used to be a pair of plain black shorts and cotton tees has widened into a selection of styles. And one of the latest fads is running skirts.
For those who have never come across one, running skirts are made of moisture-wicking material and designed for running. In general, they come in two main styles; with attached briefs or attached shorts. There is a range of designs to choose from: Polka dots, camouflage, plaids and many more. The best thing about these skirts is that they are comfortable.


I run in skirts, regardless of distance. I’ve completed three full marathons in them. To spice up the local running scene, my girlfriends and I have participated in a number of local races in costumes — as school girls, pirates and military, to name a few — with matching skirts.
Do running skirts affect my running performance in any way? No. Do I have fun running in them? Absolutely.
Unfortunately, the idea of running skirts is not something that every runner is thrilled about. Some think that those who run in skirts aren’t serious runners.
Some are even offended by the idea, thinking that these skirt devotees are turning the sport into a fashion show.
Well, I beg to disagree. In my opinion, there are many ways we can define a runner, but based on what that person wears is certainly not one of them.
I have to be honest, though. When I first saw female runners in skirts on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, I was sceptical. Although I totally supported the idea of looking good while breaking a sweat, I wasn’t fully convinced about the practicality of these skirts.


As a runner, I was of the opinion that comfort shouldn’t be sacrificed for fashion. A skirt with double-ruffles at the back didn’t seem to fit into my definition of comfort.
As women in running skirts grew in numbers, so did my curiosity. There must be something about the outfit, something beyond fashion, which appeal to these women. I wanted to try running in one to find out what the hype was really all about.
So, one day, I took the plunge. I bought myself my first running skirt. A plain, classic black skirt that I thought looked simple yet adorable.
When I first had it on, I had issues with its length (or rather the lack of it). But I had to admit that the skirt was more flattering on me than my shorts or capri tights.
It then struck me that these skirts were perhaps not so much for fashion as they were for celebrating the female form while running. In addition, the fabric was noticeably lightweight and airy. Once I started running, I was impressed. The skirt was cool and breezy. It didn’t restrict my movements and I loved the way it swung as I ran.
I liked the fact that I didn’t have to spend a single second thinking about my shorts creeping up. My verdict? The skirt was probably the most comfortable item of clothing I had run in. At the end of the run, I became a skirt-convert.


Features aside, I personally like what running skirts signify — that femininity doesn’t have to stop when my hair is in a ponytail and I’m sweating my face off. I like the feeling of being feminine and athletic at the same time. To me, in one way or another, running skirts symbolise the kind of woman I want to be.
Love them or hate them, running skirts are definitely making a statement in the running world. It is up to each individual to decide whether to take this statement positively or not.
There will always be a debate on the “seriousness” of those running in skirts, but these skirts are here to stay. For my part, anything that adds fun to my

running activities works for me.

And who says you can’t have fun while breaking your running records? I know my girlfriends and I have done this, repeatedly.

Read more: RUNNING CITY GIRL: Run like a girl - Health - New Straits Times

Monday, May 28, 2012

A PW @ Sundown Marathon

I was in Singapore since last Thursday to catch up with my friends over there and to run at the famous night marathon, Sundown Marathon on Sunday morning... 

My last long run was back in March, and that at Brooks' Half Marathon race... So I wasn't expecting to complete the marathon with a PB, just wanted to 'finish the race' ;) 

Just less than two weeks ago, the organisers for the marathon decided to change the starting time from 10pm to 12:30am for the marathoners and 21km runners!!! Like seriously?!! I didn't understand as to why they had to change the time to midnight at the last minute ANDDDDDDD to flag off the two categories at the same time... I knew that this race was going to be a tough one and that I would get 'sandwiched' by other runners! Naughty organisers! 

But I was in a jovial mood, for it was my 4-year anniversary of running in races... I started my FIRST ever race back in 2008 at Sundown Marathon and it was the 10km team relay race with Rose, Nyna and Hani... And I did my 5th half marathon back in 2010... Hence, I wanted to complete the medal collection ;)

With Captain G...
Of course I had to don a pretty running dress for my anniversary ;)

This year, the organiser decided to change the route and we started running from Nicoll Highway... The first 5km was quite challenging as there were just too many runners and ONLY one lane was closed whenever we had to run on the road... The fumes from the cars that were passing by didn't help too! Felt like I was in a sauna and that it wasn't easy to breathe too!

My favourite route was definitely along the Marina Bay Sands... I will definitely visit this place when I'm there again.. Such a pretty sight with all of the lights before entering the ol' boring East Coast Park (ECP) :P 

One happy shot for the camera ;)
Pic credits to Running Shots, Singapore

After the 21km marker at ECP, the heavy rain and strong winds decided to 'dance and play' with us... And my legs decided to cramp up from 25km and onwards... Almost wanted to give up but I kept running and walking... The supporters at ECP were great and motivating... And thank God for Azim aka Fotuenti as we decided to run and complete this marathon together though he could have gone much faster than my 'out-of-the-window' pace :P 

Legs decided to give up running 3km before the finish line... Well, there's always a first time when it comes to walking the last 3km of your race, ey? Hehe... 

So, we both crossed the line with an official PW of 5 hours 53 mins... Almost an hour from our targeted time.. Hehe :P

Fotuenti and I... 
Congrats for completing your first FM out of Malaysia :P Let's beat that time in KL k? 
Thanks for running with me throughout the marathon route :)

Screw Sundown, we heart NY so much more :P
Pic credits to Captain G

With my 'accidental' host...
Congrats for completing your medal collection too ;)
And thanks a lot for the yummy breakfast that you've prepared when we were 'limping' back to your place :P And for being an a-we-so-me host!
Steak date soon! xx

My first night marathon and definitely the toughest one that I've ever completed so far! I am just happy and grateful to complete my 6th marathon :)

Oh, and this was also a PW when it comes to getting chafing marks on my body... The things that runners have to go through :P

Medal collection from Sundown is now complete...
(Unless if they decided to do their 84km or 100km race :P)

Congrats to all of the runners that braved through the storm to complete your race respectively!

I SERIOUSLY need to make up at next month's KL Marathon ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We are Awesome ;)

Dedicated to all of my running readers and friends,

So cheeky this motivational poster by Runner's World... Hehe...

Just make sure you pause your Garmin or whatever gadget you have on while staring at the horizon too!

Happy Tuesday peeps! :) 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dedicated to the Superheroines :)

Dedicating today's ad day to all of the beautiful moms out there :)

For being there with your endless love and support for your loved ones at every step of the way, throughout the good, fun and bad times, thank you for being a supermom! :)  

Definitely the best one that I've seen so far for the Olympics! (Maybe I'm just being biased with my own kind but whateves :P)

Have a good weekend everyone! :) 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

And They Live Happily Ever After :) one of the penyeris, our own Ms Ah Moi aka Shazzy :)

Two weekends ago, the penyeris threw bridal shower no #3 and no #4 for our bride-to-bes, Shaz and Tasha... And this was 2 days after I came back from my umrah trip...

The theme was: The Journey to Happily Ever After, and revolved around the our favourite Disney princess respectively... 

Started with a get-together dinner with my girls:

My all-time favourite cartoon from Disney - Beauty and the Beast...
Of course I had to be 'Belle' ;)

From L-R: Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora, Cinderella, Mulan, Ariel and Alice ;)

The next day, the six of us whisked ourselves to the Lion City for a magical weekend ;)

At Universal Studios...
The Transformers Ride was mind blasting(quoting Russell Peters :P)!!!

My favourite place!!!

Window shopping at Orchard Road

Dinner at Clarke Quay

And last weekend, our Princess Shaz finally tied the knot to her prince charming, Ben :)

All of the pics were taken from my penyeri Nyna's album on FB :)

Congratulations to you, Shaz and Ben.... All I can say is, FINALLY!!! :P May you both have a wonderful journey filled with a lifetime of happiness filled with lots of love and laughter :) Love you Shazzy!!!  (Oh, even though you're a Mrs now, don't ever forget our 'deal' ok? :P)

Definitely the 'dulang girl' and bridesmaid year again!

One more fairytale ending to go next month! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Pain in the *Toot*

A cheeky self reminder whenever I feel like skipping out on a run ;P

Work those gluteus maximus muscles out peeps! ;)

T-11 days!!! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Paralyzed Woman Finishes London Marathon

This inspiring story goes to show that when you have the will (in this case, a figgin' awesome and superstrong one!), there will always be a way... 

And that anything is possible when you set your heart and soul on it too :)

Always start your day and tell yourself that you can and will make things happen!

Eventually, things will fall into place ;)


Taken from here:

Claire Lomas, who is paralysed and walks with the aid of a "bionic" suit, finishes the London Marathon

For five years, Claire Lomas hasn't been able to walk, hasn't been able to feel her legs. But that hasn't stopped her.

She was once a professional horse rider, her blond hair flowing underneath her white riding cap. But in 2007, a freak accident paralyzed her from the chest down.

She spent all her time in a wheelchair, at least until January. That's when she started walking again, thanks to a $75,000 bionic suit.

"It's amazing after five years of sitting down to be back on my feet," she said earlier this year, "and it's fully weight-bearing and I can walk in it as well."

Each time she steps forward, her suit hisses a sound not dissimilar to Robocop. The ReWalk and two canes support her, and the suit senses when she wants to walk and shifts her weight for her. But it's not easy. Each day, when she started, she could take only 30 steps. Every moment was a chore, and because she couldn't feel where she standing, she always feared falling over.But that didn't stop her, either. Lomas set out to walk 55,000 steps – or 26.2 miles. She set out to run the London Marathon.

She started, alongside 35,000 runners, 16 days ago. Today, in the shadow of Buckingham Palace, she finished -- to the screams of thousands of fans who came out to support her.

"It's a moment I'm going to treasure for the rest of my life," she said in a nationally televised, live interview with the BBC after she crossed. "The support here has been – I didn't expect it here like this. I couldn't believe it when I turned up this morning in the taxi to start, and I thought it was just a busy day in London. Someone told me they're all there for me. I was like, no!"

But they all were there for her, inspired by her determination to finish the race, inspired by her becoming the first woman in a robotic suit to complete a marathon, inspired by her ability to, as she told ABC News today, "just keep persevering."

Thanks to all her fans, Loman raised more than $100,000 for spinal cord research. In the interview with ABC News, she said she felt lucky -- despite her accident.

"After my accident, for a few days, you think, why, why has this happened? But it has. And that's that. You just need to find new things to do," she said while on her way to a party in her honor. "Of course I have bad days and difficult times. But I just get through them, and gradually, things get better."

A lot better. And that is, perhaps, the most extraordinary part of the story. Today is not the most important day of Lomas' life. It's not even the most important day since the accident.

In the last three years, Claire Lomas has gotten married and given birth to a healthy baby girl. Mazie is 15 months old, and was right there as Lomas crossed the finish line.

"We're having a bit of a competition to see who can walk first," she joked with the BBC in February. "We're about level at the moment. But young veins learn quicker, so I'm not sure whether she's going to overtake me soon!"

And her husband Dan was there every step of the way, helping support the suit – and her.

"Some days were more difficult than others. Yesterday particularly was tough. Felt really tired. I didn't have a great yesterday, and I knew if I stopped, I wouldn't want to get going again," she told ABC News. "But with all the support, it just helped me carry on."

And in many ways, Lomas was carrying on, even from the days before her accident. She's always thrived on difficult tasks. The last 16 days, she suggested, was just what she loves to do.

"Before my accident, I'd always had a lot of challenges," she said. "I'm that type of person. It doesn't change who you are, when you have a spinal injury and you still want to push yourself."

By: Nick Schifrin/ABC News

Back with Happy Heart :)

Salam and hello readers :)

I am finally back in blogosphere! Hehe... 

The trip was definitely an eye-opener for myself... Heart felt contented and peaceful over there... 

No amount of marathons will ever make my heart feel that way... (Ok, maybe when I get a BQ :P)

And hope that it stays that way :) 

Loved seeing how all of us unite and pray to one God, irrespective of our teachings, colour and race at the end of the day :)

Sharing with you a couple of pics from the holy land... 

Enjoy them :)

A sight that kept me at peace everyday @ Masjidil Haram, Mecca :)

@ Alrahmah Mountain, where Adam and Hawa met after being separated for many many years when they were 'expelled' from Jannah...
A good place to doa for your jodoh too ;)

Camels! :)

Colourful glasses for mint tea!

A marathon in Mecca ;)

With my ibadah partner, Nana D :)

Masjid Nabawi, Madina

Loved the umbrellas! What a sight! :)

With my parents and lookalike brother :)
Super grateful :) 

InsyaAllah, one day I will go back there to be His guest again...

Perhaps with a husband too ;)