Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back with Happy Heart :)

Salam and hello readers :)

I am finally back in blogosphere! Hehe... 

The trip was definitely an eye-opener for myself... Heart felt contented and peaceful over there... 

No amount of marathons will ever make my heart feel that way... (Ok, maybe when I get a BQ :P)

And hope that it stays that way :) 

Loved seeing how all of us unite and pray to one God, irrespective of our teachings, colour and race at the end of the day :)

Sharing with you a couple of pics from the holy land... 

Enjoy them :)

A sight that kept me at peace everyday @ Masjidil Haram, Mecca :)

@ Alrahmah Mountain, where Adam and Hawa met after being separated for many many years when they were 'expelled' from Jannah...
A good place to doa for your jodoh too ;)

Camels! :)

Colourful glasses for mint tea!

A marathon in Mecca ;)

With my ibadah partner, Nana D :)

Masjid Nabawi, Madina

Loved the umbrellas! What a sight! :)

With my parents and lookalike brother :)
Super grateful :) 

InsyaAllah, one day I will go back there to be His guest again...

Perhaps with a husband too ;) 

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