Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Growing Up in the 90s

A brilliant executed video! And done locally too! Malaysians rule! :D

Somehow it took me back to my school days, where things were much simpler and we didn't rely too much on our phones or gadgets :)

Can pretty much relate to most of the activities done in the video :)

Proud to be part of that generation! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

London Fever

It's ad day today and it's all about the Olympic fever!!! :)

Sharing with you an ads that are being done so far to promote London 2012...

The first one is by Coca-Cola and it's all about the athletes' beats from various sports ;)

The second one is by British Airways which is about a race of luggage! Super cute! :)

Can't wait for the games to begin as it'll be Paula Radcliffe's final appearance to attempt for a gold medal as well!

Have a good weekend everyone! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love Your Legs

or if you are impatient, then... 


Pics taken from Google

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life Lessons #9

One of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite style icons :)


A self-reminder to always do good, be kind and think happy thoughts in this complicated and unpredictable world :) 

Have a good Thursday everyone! :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Chaotic Race @ Brooks Half Marathon

This was my third time running at Bukit Jalil... The previous years, this annual run was sponsored by Bareno...  You can read about my previous runs here and here... But this year, one of the top running brands, Brooks stepped over and became the official sponsor and title for the race...

Somehow this time around, the traffic was crazier than the previous years... Captain and I carpooled and got to the carpark at 5am and there was already an awful crawl... So both of us were stuck in the car for a good 20 mins before entering the carpark and quickly ran into the stadium... 

And since this year's race started inside of the stadium, there was a superlong crawl for the 21km runners since the space that was allocated to us was just too small... So by the time we were flagged off, I've lost about 3 mins or so from the guntime after crossing the start line... Nevertheless, it was good to bump into the familiar faces at the start of the race... 

Good seeing you ladies again :)
With Pui San, Kay Dee and Captain...
Pic credits to Pui San

They've changed the route this time around but of course all of the hills from last year's route were included! Pretty much walked at all of the hills... Haha! And the fact that all of the km markers were incorrectly placed too as my Garmin was recording an extra 600m for everytime I passed the marker... Extra workout for the legs then ;)

(And here comes my angry paragraph :P) And there were a lot of impatient motorists... Malaysians should be taught a lesson or two when it comes to being civilised motorists when there's a race going on here... It's not like the roads are closed everyday for a friggin' race! There were a lot of honks and shouts going on! I pity the policemen and volunteers that were just doing their job at manning the traffic... Even at one of the hills, I saw a Proton Saga just droved off recklessly to the side (where the lane for the runners were) and almost hit a few runners as the driver was trying to avoid the car from the opposite direction!!!

And that's when I totally lost the will to run and get a decent timing... At the start of the race, I was aiming to get a sub-2:15... But after seeing that incident, all I wanted to do is just walk and not care... Did a lot of walking after the 14km marker... 

Of course when it comes to the cameras, always better to be all smiles ;)
Pic credits to Tey 

So, I crossed the finish line with an official time of 2 hours 23 mins, a mere 2 mins of improvement from last year's race... Felt so crappy after the race as I had to climb the stairs (as if 'walking' through the hills weren't enough! :P) and exit the stadium to get our drinks and fruits which was located outside of the stadium... 

But thank God for the friends that I bumped into and the good breakfast company after the race :) 

With my G sisters - Captain and Drama
Pic credits to Drama G 

The Gs with Meor (watch out! will outrun you one day :P) and Abang Yim
Pic credits to Drama G

With the beautiful couple, Dzul and Ena :)
Loved the running dress!
Pic credits to Drama G 

During my last 5km of the race, I finally met hot mummy, Nik Raiha and I told her that she was in our 'uniform' as she was wearing polka dots skirt too! :) We chatted quite a bit and she was telling me about her half Ironman adventures and how she is going to do her first full Ironman challenge at the end of the year... 

To Nik - I supersalute you!!! InsyaAllah, I'll become like you and attempt one Ironman challenge on one fine day :) Good luck for your upcoming half Ironman in Singapore this weekend! And thanks for injecting a lil' running spirit when I was feeling dejected and making my last 5km a good run :)

With Nik Raiha and Captain

This race was also a good wake-up call for me as I should really start training for Sundown! Gotta start conquering all of the hills again! ;) 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Our Day :)

To all of my beautiful readers and friends out there,

Happy International Women's Day!

Gotta love these girls for their wits and their clothes ;)

We are strong...

We are invisible...

We are (awesome) WOMEN! :D

Treat yourself and have a glorious day ahead ladies! 


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Survey on Running

Hey running guys and girlies...

It would supersweet if you could take a five and be a dear by answering the survey below:

Helping out a friend here...

(This survey is only applicable to runners in Malaysia)

Thanks and appreciate it! :) 

In the Running For More

I'm so happy when my fellow Paris and New York City running-cum-travelling buddy told me a few weeks back that she was asked by one of the newspapers here to be a regular columnist and write about running and her escapades...

Of course I told her to go for it!!! ;)

And here's her first column... You can also get a copy of New Straits Time today... Her column will be featured every 2 weeks in the paper...


Do you have a passion that motivates you everyday and fulfils your life? Is there something you would go the extra mile for? I didn't have one when I was younger and I envied those who did.


That “something” is long-distance running.
Before I continue, allow me to take you back in time to 2005. I was in Africa and was feeling contented with life — thanks to my ideal work schedule. For every four weeks that I spent working, I had four weeks off.
During breaks, I took the opportunity to do what I enjoyed — travelling. I explored parts of Africa I never thought I’d set foot on. And if that wasn’t enough, I backpacked across Europe and Asia too.
Life seemed awesome at the time, never short of cool travel tales and photos. I couldn’t be more grateful.


Fast-forward to 2009. My life took a drastic turn following my return to Kuala Lumpur. After working for nine years in hassle-free environments around the globe, I didn’t feel like I belonged in a big, overpopulated city like KL.

I despised its traffic. Huge shopping malls didn’t excite me. My social circle was limited and the fact that my life revolved around work was quite upsetting. The worst bit: I no longer travelled like I used to. I felt as if my privileges had been stripped. It became apparent that something was missing in my life.

At this point, I started to turn more and more to running for comfort. Running had always been something I enjoyed but never made it my priority.

When I felt down, I ran. When I had a bit too much cheesecake, I shook the guilt off by pounding the pavement. Running was my means to keep fit and de-stress but it never went beyond that. That changed when, out of the blue, I decided to sign up for a full marathon.

Nobody talked me into it. I thought that a challenge as extreme as a 42km race was what I needed to bring some excitement back into my life. It turned out that I was right.


Being the disciplined person that I am, I trained religiously for the event. For once in months, I looked forward to waking up in the mornings. I ran distances I once considered impossible and discovered parts of KL I didn’t know existed.

My circle of friends slowly expanded with a camaraderie of like-minded people. The marathon preparation gave me the boost I needed just when life seemed like it wasn’t going to get any better. The more I trained, the more I learnt that running was what kept me happy and alive.

On one fine day in December 2009 in Singapore, I ran my first full marathon. Even before I started, I knew that it was not going to be my last. I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed every  minute of the race.
There were moments when I questioned my ability to finish and felt like giving up. When I finally crossed the finish line, words could not describe the sense of accomplishment I felt. It was by far the toughest thing I had ever done. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

The race unquestionably marked a milestone in my life. Running became a significant aspect of my life ever since. Today, I am as avid about the sport as I was when I first crossed the line in 2009, so much so that I now have a few full marathons under my belt.
Three years ago, I would have ridiculed the idea of running 42km races repeatedly. This year, I will be running my 11th on my birthday. It is amazing to see how things can change once you have found something that inspires you.
And I am glad I have found my passion.

Shanaz Shamsuddin is a drilling engineer by profession who finds balance in life through running and travelling

Read more: In the running for more - Health - New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/life-times/health/in-the-running-for-more-1.56133?fwcc=1&fwcl=1&fwl=1#ixzz1oJEcvMLt

I'm so proud of you Captain G! Can't wait for your upcoming ones :) 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ten is a Lucky Number @ One Vision Run

I decided to enter this run last month with a number of recruits from COBC... First charity run of the year... Didn't even know how the route was going to be like for this event since there wasn't any info given on that...

There was another charity run going on yesterday morning at Dataran Merdeka and it was the World Kidney Day Run (loved the tee though!)...

Alhamdulillah, it was a cold morning as the run started later than it was supposed to... We were flagged off at 715am... I was running fine until I felt the sudden urge to do a number one... And also when I entered the main road which was Jalan Duta... I was walking a lot along this route as I've had trouble breathing due to the cars and lorries that were oozing out CO2 along the road... But apart from that, nothing to complain about the hilly route... It was actually a nice and unusual one from the normal races that start from Padang Merbok...  ;)

(Note to self: ALWAYS go to the toilet when you're at the race venue and bring an inhaler along!)

I really thought that I was going to finish the race within 1 hour 5 mins given that I was taking my own sweet time... But after the last water station, I decided to ignore the 'urge' and tried to complete the run in under 1 hour...

Alhamdulillah, completed the run in 59 mins 34 secs :)

Only to realise that I got a 10th placing for the Women's Open category when the emcee was calling out the bib nos!!! I was superstocked!!! Super Alhamdulillah for that :D :D :D

Additional medal + pocket money for completing the race in the top ten ;)

It was good to see the familiar faces at the event as well :)

Pic credits to Aini

Another special day for us...
4 years ago, I ran my first 10km with these superawesome ladies at Sundown Marathon... And here we are again, reunited and still running 

It was also a special day for Kak Nawal as it was her birthday... AND... She completed the run and got an 8th placing in the category... Woot woot!!!

With the COBC recruits and the birthday girl :)
I ran away from the cake fight moments after this pic was taken :P
Pic credits to Nyna

Us with our prize money ;)
Happy birthday again to you hot mama! :D

Bur of course, no race is complete without..........................................................

A jumping shot! Woohoo! ;)
Pic credits to Aini

Definitely a happy Sunday for me :)

Next: Brooks Half Marathon and it's this Sunday! ;)

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Touching Story

Between a father and son :') 

Just had to share this with all of you...

"Team Hoyt is a father (Dick Hoyt, born June 1, 1940) and son (Rick Hoyt, born January 10, 1962) team from Holland, Massachusetts, who have competed together in various athletic endeavors, including marathons and triathlons. Rick has cerebral palsy and during competition Dick pulls Rick in a special boat as they swim, carries him in a special seat in the front of a bicycle, and pushes him in a special wheelchair as they run. Team Hoyt was inducted to the Ironman Hall of Fame in 2008." (Taken from here)

Please have a box of tissues ready next to you because this clip will move you to tears...

*I teared up whenever I watch this video*

Amazing or what this story is, right?!!!

Such pure love from a father to his son... He definitely deserves the World's Greatest Dad title (alongside my hero, Dadaa of course) :) 

See, nothing is impossible when you have the passion and you put your heart and soul into it... 

Have a good weekend everyone! :) 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here I Am :)

Found this from imgfave @ Tumblr (I love that website!)  

fitness /
Stay positive! ;) 

I've had a nice 2-month 'holiday' (well sort of)... Pretty much ran once a week ;)

So, hello March! It's time to get those legs back into their running mode again!

Bring on the training! :D :D :D