Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Highlights of 2011 - #1 The Gs

We had such a BLAST dressing up for races this year...

Not only that, our friendships with each other have blossomed and I'm so blessed  and grateful to have you (running) girls in my life... Thank you all for the laughs and the smiles... ♥

From Runaway Schoolgirls - Tribute to King Of Pop - Military Queens - Polka Dotties - Devils - Pirates = LOTS OF FUN!!! :D

Definitely one of the highlights for this year in my books :)

What's in store for us in twenty-twelve?

More awesome costumes!!! :D

The Gs 


  1. you guys should approach labels for endorsements!

    looking good, girls!

  2. Jadi label pun best gak! good job Princess and the other Gs for coloring the scene.

  3. Thank you the Gs for spicing up the running scene. I salute all your efforts in dressing up and looking good. Kewl-ness!

    Sigh...I still owe you the car wash kan ;-p I'll do it when I'm back from Siam ye Princess...

  4. syah: sounds like a good idea ;) thanks! :)

    deo: hahaha maybe one day perhaps? ;) thanks! :)

    ka: awww you're welcome and thanks! and yes i am still friggin' waiting!!! ;P

  5. aini: awwww thanks! :) you too babe ;)

  6. aww hugs all around from Señorita G xoxo