Monday, December 19, 2011

Ahoy Mates @ Malakoff Run KL ;)

This race was pretty much a finale for most of my running friends (myself included)... And of course, the Gs and I dressed for the occasion since we wanted to complete our running year respectively with a bang ;)

I slept for only 2 hours on Saturday night due to the fact that my tummy was feeling uneasy and my eyes just didn't want to shut! So, I knew that I was going to suffer at this run with its superhilly route... Blimey!

Since it was my last race of the year, I decided to take it easy and paced with my fellow Apprentice G throughout the run... And we bumped into a couple of our running friends during the run, especially during the times when we brisk-walked at the torturous hill at the Beringin (Damansara Heights) loop... Nevertheless, it was a perfect weather yesterday morning for us runners that braved through the hills :) 

We both completed the 12km run as per our targeted time - 1 hr 15 mins!!! And we're in the top 50 for our category! Mighty Arrr!!! ;) 

Didn't run with the eye-patch of course - if not, I'll probably cause a chaos at the route ;P

And yeah, we did cause a stir at the event, especially AFTER the run... Trust the Gs to inject fun and colour ;)

With Santa's helpers and Christmas Trees ;)  

With Pacesetters Club's Mr President...
Thank you for the awesome race! :)

Senorita and I... 
From futsal mates to pirate mates ;) 

Someone from the media was interested in us ;)
Pic credits to Aiman

With me hearties...
Where's our Jack Sparrows? Hehe
Pic credits to Idola 

It was definitely the perfect ending for the Gs... We had so much FUN FUN FUN up dressing up for races this year! :D 

Can't wait for what's in store for all of us in twenty.twelve... With more awesome costumes ;) 

Just wait and see  :) 

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