Friday, December 9, 2011

Tribute #2

Life's a yard of green grass

Life is good. Really? I’m probably going through what feels like the longest marathon run of my life for the past few months. I’m in no hurry to get to the finish line though. I know I’m built for endurance and perseverance. I try to act cool when it calls for me to flip in normal circumstances. I seem to think I have enough options to choose from when in reality, they’re all quite vague. Ok, can I be more vague than this? I’ll try to be specific but not detailed. Whatever that means.
I was intrigued by a friend’s blog post recently. She wrote on the subject of which side of grass is greener. A profound write-up that was gathered by her own experiences and perhaps others whom she know. Honest and real. So let’s put it into perspective then. We all have our own yards, with ‘green grass’ and separated by fences. We then seem to think ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’? So we put in more effort to work our own yards to make the grass greener. Does it work? Of course not! Because the ‘grass is always greener on the other side!’. Precisely my point. Grass is green. There is no two way about it. It’s how you look after it that counts.
On my side of the yard, at least. There seem to be a lot of people who comes to visit. Some of them got invited. Most of them invited themselves. Some thread their steps gently. While some will trample all over the grass. All this contributes to the extra effort to maintain the yard. Sometimes we are willing and duly share the chore to take care of the grass so it always looks nice. Although sometimes we have our idle days and put off the work to another day. It’s still green though. Just not too nice to look at. Sometimes we procrastinate too long which makes tidying up a pain in the ass. There are so many things piling up on top of each other in the yard that it makes it difficult to even see the green grass. In extreme cases, we just don’t want to bother anymore and hope that the mess will clear by itself or move to other yards which we think are greener.
It’s your yard. You either have it for your own or you share it. The mess that was created may come from you and from others but you still have to take care of it. Your yard will become what you shape it to be. You decide how you water and mow the grass. You determine who you invite to come into your yard. You select who stays and who leaves. It’s difficult to see beneath the mess sometimes if you don’t choose to look for it. Sometimes you get invited to the other side of the fence. A short visit into someone else’s yard and you find it better. It looked a lot similar to what you had before. You look back at your own yard from the other side and think how did it get to that condition? You ask yourself, do you still want to work on it? It’s hard work. It’ll be easier to work on the new yard. For now. As it eventually will grow and taking care of it will take more effort. The answer lies within you.
I believe that we all need to take peeks into the other side of the fence every now and then. There’s no competition really. Just a reality check. Your yard needs you as much as you need it. I never left my yard, I think. It may have come across my mind a few times. Thinking what I may have missed or missed on the other side of the fence. It’s actually neither of that. Infact, I have made lovely friends from my short excursions. I would like to thank them for inviting me in so that I’m reminded of my own yard.
My yard needs to be taken care of right now and I’m taking it each day at a time. This could be trying times indeed. I have been through this season but it feels a bit more challenging at the moment. It’s just not me alone in the yard now. It’s about the ones whom I truly love and care for. I’m built for this, definitely. I just need to clear the path to see the finish route. It believe it will come soon. I choose to do so.
So tell me. Do you still think the grass is greener on this side?
A beautifully written post on life and getting a reality check... 

One of my faves by arwah... 
You're in our thoughts everyday, my dear friend... :)

Have a good weekend everyone :)  

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