Monday, March 14, 2011

Killer Hills @ Bareno Run 21km...

Well, they didn't call Bukit Jalil for nothing alright! ;)

I did one of the big no-nos the night before running a race - I had spicy food for dinner... I didn't think about it til' I was halfway indulging my chili crab...  :P

And with only less than 4 hours of sleep, I felt the burning in my tummy...

Woke up at 4am to get ready and was at the stadium by 515am...  Bumped into my penyeri + oprah lady Nyna and we walked to the starting line to find the usual suspects: Kak Nawal, Rosey and Viki...

See how sleepy we both looked?!
Pic credits to Nyna

The 21km runners were flagged off at 530am... So we were pretty much running in the dark... Bumped into the Speed Queen Shanaz, Metal King Khairul Anuar and Mamil Victim Ray at the first couple of kms... Too fast la you all! ;)

I was still feeling the burning sensation on my tummy and I was praying hard that there would be no toilet incident... Hehe... 

I recently recovered from an allergy reaction and I told myself that this will be a sweet LSD for me before my Par-ee marathon... So I was happily running at my own pace... And the fact that both my feet was experiencing foot cramps wasn't funny at all... Felt supernumb for a while there... 

I don't know whether it was my Asics shoes (that I've been using for all of my races since April last year) or that my feet are just on a strike that morning... Hmmm... 

That was until I saw the hills... Dum dum dummmmm... 

In my head was like: Should I just run or walk through them? Contemplated for a good 10 secs and decided to walk through them... Hehe I know... Lazy :P 

I was really grateful that the weather was just perfect yesterday... I guess that's the advantage of starting a race much earlier... 

I was pretty happy that I pretty much run (at a fun pace of course *wink*) all the way til the finishing line after the hills... And it was so good to bump into my fellow 10km-ers as we 'collided' at the last 5km of the route...

I charged at my last 2km of the route and of course posed for Mr Tey at the last 1km... Always making time for the camera ;)

Trying out an agogo pose ;P 

I think I need to shrink my arms a bit :P 

I was asked to do this pose k! :P
Thanks for the pics Tey! 

I was happy to complete the run (as I expected) in 2 hours 25 mins (unofficial time) :D

Finished in 54th place in my category... Not bad eyy ;) 
Got a nice finisher tee to add into the collection! :)

Not a PB but there's always another day insyaAllah to PB a half marathon right? ;)

It was so good to see and chit chat with the usual runners since this is the first running event for most of the pelaris... 

Oh, not to forget.. bercamwhore as usual ;)

With Kak Nawal - She completed her 21km in 2 hours 7 mins!
Awesomeness! One day I'll beat you.. :P
Pic credits to Kak Nawal

With the super runners! :)

With Rosey and Nyna
Both of them completed the race with a fellow bootcamper, Viki in 2 hours 39 mins... :)

More group shots with the awesome runners:

Pic credits to Nyna

With the usual faces... You'll definitely see them at any running event ;)

With Balqis and her friend...
Loved the hat! Salute! ;)
Pic credits to Balqis

With Pui San and Ijam - Oversmiling la someone :P
Pic credits to Yim

Another fun morning it was! Congrats to all of the runners! :D 

Next: Marathon De Paris - My 3rd full marathon on my birthday :) 


  1. Welcome back Nana and congrats on conquering the demonic hills..

    ciss gambar last tu ada mamat sengih lebih pulak :p

  2. Congratulations, well done and great pictures!!!

    It may not be a PB but you are sure fast like a Road Runner! Beep Beep!

    Rgds, Chris

  3. Great job Nana! The timing is not bad at all, considering the hills. You are definitely ready for Par-ee gal! Ramp up those mileage now :-)

  4. ray ray: thank you! good bumpin into you! :)

    itula dia.. :P

    ijam: hehe... you rock too! good seeing you too! :)

    chris: thanks! we didn't see each other again! next one k :)

    ka: thanks! good seeing you too! ramping it up now! ;)