Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Run with Orang Asli - A Trail Run

Hi everyone! :)

How was everyone's weekend? Good I hope... :)

Anyways, I am very excited to share with you with the above mentioned trail run that's organised by a group of my running friends...

Taken from Karen's FB :)

This will be my first trail run and my last event this weekend before flying off to Paris next week :)

So, join us and we'll have fun running in the jungle and getting your legs 'swamped' by leeches... :P 

I am so going to to fully cover myself and spray my trail shoes with Baygon this Sunday... Hehe... 

Not only that, you will also contribute your fees to raise funds for the Orang Asli Village there... :) 

Click here to join and for more details... :)


  1. yea...nana pegi...jangan pakai skirt, banyak nyamuk...

  2. ijam: haha.. obviously i'm not going to wear one ;P