Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blessed :)

When I bought my return ticket to Paris, I dropped a couple of hints to my parents previously on my intention... And since they didn't respond to it, I thought they gave me the green light... ;)

My father finally realised that I was REALLY going last Saturday and both my parents knew that I needed to 'runaway' from the country for a number of reasons...

So it was really nice to see how my parents are being supersupportive and sweet about my spontaneous decision to go to Paris by giving me tips and places to go... And probably donations for my buys over there... Haha... Well I can always play the birthday card right? :P

It'll be my first time celebrating my birthday abroad since 2007 and I'm pretty sure that this one will be one of the most memorable ones... :)

Oh, and I have to mention this on my blog as well... Since I'll be running as Miss KD, I wanted to pay the fees for the marathon... But, she quickly brushed it off and gave it away as my birthday present...

And since I'll be bunking with superlaju Shanaz and she has done her hotel bookings much earlier on, I offered to pay my share for the accommodation... She told me over the weekend that it'll be her birthday present for me...

Such sweet running friends I have right? :)

I'm just so overwhelmed and blessed with such amazing family & running friends... Alhamdulillah :)

Exactly a month to go before my birthday marathon... I haven't been really well and haven't slept much for the past 2 weeks hence the lack of entries on my blog... I hope my body will recover a 100% for my trainings before I leave...

I really can't wait... :)


  1. what goes around comes around :) have a great birthday run babe .. hope all will go well ..dont forget their croissants i tell ya !

  2. Have a good run in Paris, this will be sweet memory in years to come :)

  3. Hi Ms Roadrunner,
    I agree with kak June - 'what goes around comes around'...
    Take care, speedy recovery and safe running!
    Rgds, chris

  4. kak june: thanks! :) i'm very sure that i'll gain 5 kgs from eating those croissants ;)

    ray: thanks! and def will be in memory book forever :)

    chris: thanks! and will do! likewise, to you too... :)