Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Make The World Dance :)

I am currently addicted to this feel good song by Jessie J feat B.o.B:

My motivation song for the past 2 weeks before working out or running... ;)

Oh, and my trainings have been pretty awesome for my birthday marathon for this month:
Week 3:
Thursday: 4.4km (Lembah Kiara Park TTDI) - My only run for that week... So bad :P

Week 4:
Wednesday: 10.3km (Lembah Kiara Park TTDI) and 6.3km (Desa Park City) - Yeah I did park hopping on this day... Hehe...
Saturday: 30km (Bukit Aman - Bird Park Loop - Hartamas - Bird Park Loop - Bukit Aman)

Week 5 (this week!):
Monday: 6km (Happymill)
Wednesday: 6.3km (Desa Park City)

I finally did a 30km run... Since I've never done one previously for my 2 full marathons... So yayyy to me!!! :D

Definitely slowing down this week and do more strengthening workouts...

T-10 days!!!  :D :D :D


  1. good luck for Paree..i sensed a sub-5 finish here :)

  2. kak june: thank you and i hope so... :)

    ray ray: thanks! and a birthday-girl-to-be can only hope for that... InsyaAllah... :)

  3. Nana, Can you help me out I have been trying to find the distance of the loop in kiara park taman tun the loop that goes in the trees and ends with the down hill near the apartments. Can you help me out? Would really appreciate it.

  4. fandi: hi there! it's about 2.2km if you start from the stairs... hope this helps! :)