Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paris, j'etaime :)

Thanks for the feedbacks from my blog, Facebook and Twitter (the power of social networks...Hehe)...

It took me about 2 weeks to decide on this, but then how can you say no to running a marathon on your birthday right? :D

Marathon de Paris

So yeah... Marathon de Paris, here I come!!!


And I'll have this chica to be my tour-guide since it'll be my first time to the City of L♥ve :)

It will be a nice change to celebrate my birthday somewhere else this year since I really need a getaway...

I can't wait to see the beautiful architectures, bags (I am a girl afterall *wink*), and eat those yummy pastries that I've been watching in movies or the food channel :D

And it's 39 days away (gulp!) so I need to keep on running until then... And brush up my French with my mom since she used to study there for her degree... Hehe...

I need to plan my outfit for the marathon too!!! Suggestions are welcomed ;)

J'ai hâte qu'on aille à Paris! ;) 

(Translation: Can't wait until we go to Paris!)


  1. wonderful decision and dont ever u not eat their hot and buttery and yummy croissants ... i miss that the most :) have fun ... running skirt and a sexy top babe !

  2. kak june: heheh i can foresee that i'll gain a couple of kgs from the trip :P will do and i'll try and find a sexy top since it's going to be cold ;P