Monday, February 28, 2011

A Decision...

I have been offered to run Marathon de Paris by Miss KD, since she'll be occupied with work during that time... *Hugs*


The marathon will be on MY BIRTHDAY this year!!!

That's right... It'll be such an awesome idea to celebrate your day by running a marathon, kan? ;)


If I were to go to Paris, then I've to let go my Gold Coast Marathon/Melbourne trip in July...

I wish I can go and do both marathons... But I'm no daughter of a tycoon :P

I seriously need to find a side income for my running trips! *Another reminder*

And I need to decide on this like super duper soon!!!





  1. on ur birthday? do u really have to think? i vote for paris girl .. u will absolutely love it .. australia dekat jer bila2 pun boleh hehehe

  2. Paris! u done Aussie last year :)

  3. Wow! Go for Paris gal! A marathon on ur birthday doesn't happen often. Who cares about GC? My b'day last year fell on the same day the inaugural Dili Marathon (Timor Leste) took place. But I couldn't afford it. Flights alone cost 3k. Haih...Mo Maniac did that one u know.
    On a brighter note, u definitely can afford Laguna Phuket kan...kan...kan? LOL!

  4. kak june: hehehe... well was thinking on the expenses je tu ;)

    ray ray: hurmm... thinking...

    ka: tu la, was thinking that if I wanna do a marathon on my birthday I'd prolly have to wait for another 6-7 years :P memang I'll go Phuket la if Paris is a go ;)