Thursday, February 24, 2011

Song of the week...

Hi all!!!

Yes, I've been 'attached' to my bed for the past 3 days as I was suffering from severe migraine + fever... So much for being healthy :P

But I have to admit that last week was a pure madness one and I didn't sleep or rest properly... So I guess the body decided to go on a strike on Monday morning...

Appreciate the kind wishes from my friends for the past 3 days... :)

But hey, the good thing is that I've started playing futsal and running again! Double yayyysss! ;)

Just have to balance them up with my bootcamp trainings as well... Am on a mission here... Hehe...

Anyways, this song has been on repeat in my car for the past 2 weeks... I think it is such catchy one and that I usually start dancing in my car whenever I play this song... 

And I dedicate to all of the beautiful (and especially the single) ladies out there... :)

I like how she was channeling Janet Jackson (Rhythm Nation y'all) and TLC in the clip...

Do the pretty girl rock! ;) 


  1. Nana .. at the rate u r doing ur activities, lama2 nanti u tinggal tulang haha .. dont go too kurus ok, tak cantik ! take care babe :)

  2. kak june: haha! no la... don't want to be kurus sgt pun... just toner ;) thanks and hope to see you soon! xx