Thursday, March 17, 2011

Road to Paris...

Paris is just about 4 Sundays away now... And when I decided to replace KD for the marathon, I know that I don't have much time to train...

But I guess you do all you can right? ;)

So, my trainings so far for the month:
Week 1:
Monday - 6.6km (Lembah Kiara Park TTDI)
Saturday - 7km (Happymill)
Sunday - 10.1 (Lembah Kiara Park and The Hills)

Week 2
Wednesday - 5km (Happymill)
Sunday - Bareno Run 21km (Bukit Jalil)

Coupled with a weekly dance class and mixed futsal session, I think my legs are doing good so far... :)

The plan is to do a 25-30km run this Saturday morning, just not sure where yet... Either happymill (boring!) or BA/FRIM...

Maybe a sub-5 at a happy pace is possible... Who knows? :)

T-24 days!!! :D


  1. Your training seems insufficient...dah campur with secret training belum?...

  2. Take it easy, u still hv time. And I concur Syah's advise :)

  3. ijam: well.. i'm doing the best that i can ;) secret training tu apa?

    kak june: thanks and will do :)