Friday, March 25, 2011

I am all in :)

Happy Friday to all of you! :)

I am sharing this latest cool TVC by adidas in conjunction with their new massive campaign titled "adidas is all in."

The campaign's message is all about putting your all into it when you're passionate just about anything...  Whatever your game is... :)

And after almost a year of 'accompanying' my feet to all of the races and marathons, I had to say goodbye to my Asics' Gel Nimbus 11... It was super awesome while it lasted...  I will miss you... :(

And say hello to the new love of my feet, Adizero Tempo... Hoping that we'll have an awesome connection and we'll be 'all in' throughout our runs this year... ;) 

It's like a new relationship all over again... Hehe...  :P 

Have a good weekend everyone! :)


  1. Tukar pasangan ye? Haha...I think Tempo will suit you fine, with ur petite frame. It'll make u go faster I'm sure :-)

  2. KA: Hehehe... Yeah la.. Kasut je yang boleh ditukar for now :P Loving them so far :)