Monday, March 5, 2012

Ten is a Lucky Number @ One Vision Run

I decided to enter this run last month with a number of recruits from COBC... First charity run of the year... Didn't even know how the route was going to be like for this event since there wasn't any info given on that...

There was another charity run going on yesterday morning at Dataran Merdeka and it was the World Kidney Day Run (loved the tee though!)...

Alhamdulillah, it was a cold morning as the run started later than it was supposed to... We were flagged off at 715am... I was running fine until I felt the sudden urge to do a number one... And also when I entered the main road which was Jalan Duta... I was walking a lot along this route as I've had trouble breathing due to the cars and lorries that were oozing out CO2 along the road... But apart from that, nothing to complain about the hilly route... It was actually a nice and unusual one from the normal races that start from Padang Merbok...  ;)

(Note to self: ALWAYS go to the toilet when you're at the race venue and bring an inhaler along!)

I really thought that I was going to finish the race within 1 hour 5 mins given that I was taking my own sweet time... But after the last water station, I decided to ignore the 'urge' and tried to complete the run in under 1 hour...

Alhamdulillah, completed the run in 59 mins 34 secs :)

Only to realise that I got a 10th placing for the Women's Open category when the emcee was calling out the bib nos!!! I was superstocked!!! Super Alhamdulillah for that :D :D :D

Additional medal + pocket money for completing the race in the top ten ;)

It was good to see the familiar faces at the event as well :)

Pic credits to Aini

Another special day for us...
4 years ago, I ran my first 10km with these superawesome ladies at Sundown Marathon... And here we are again, reunited and still running 

It was also a special day for Kak Nawal as it was her birthday... AND... She completed the run and got an 8th placing in the category... Woot woot!!!

With the COBC recruits and the birthday girl :)
I ran away from the cake fight moments after this pic was taken :P
Pic credits to Nyna

Us with our prize money ;)
Happy birthday again to you hot mama! :D

Bur of course, no race is complete without..........................................................

A jumping shot! Woohoo! ;)
Pic credits to Aini

Definitely a happy Sunday for me :)

Next: Brooks Half Marathon and it's this Sunday! ;)


  1. Waahh... congrats! Meletop tu podium! Kalau pergi toilet before race dan bawak inhaler, mesti dapat #5! Congrats Nana!

  2. deo.. xtau hang pon pandai lompat2 tinggi ni... :P