Monday, May 28, 2012

A PW @ Sundown Marathon

I was in Singapore since last Thursday to catch up with my friends over there and to run at the famous night marathon, Sundown Marathon on Sunday morning... 

My last long run was back in March, and that at Brooks' Half Marathon race... So I wasn't expecting to complete the marathon with a PB, just wanted to 'finish the race' ;) 

Just less than two weeks ago, the organisers for the marathon decided to change the starting time from 10pm to 12:30am for the marathoners and 21km runners!!! Like seriously?!! I didn't understand as to why they had to change the time to midnight at the last minute ANDDDDDDD to flag off the two categories at the same time... I knew that this race was going to be a tough one and that I would get 'sandwiched' by other runners! Naughty organisers! 

But I was in a jovial mood, for it was my 4-year anniversary of running in races... I started my FIRST ever race back in 2008 at Sundown Marathon and it was the 10km team relay race with Rose, Nyna and Hani... And I did my 5th half marathon back in 2010... Hence, I wanted to complete the medal collection ;)

With Captain G...
Of course I had to don a pretty running dress for my anniversary ;)

This year, the organiser decided to change the route and we started running from Nicoll Highway... The first 5km was quite challenging as there were just too many runners and ONLY one lane was closed whenever we had to run on the road... The fumes from the cars that were passing by didn't help too! Felt like I was in a sauna and that it wasn't easy to breathe too!

My favourite route was definitely along the Marina Bay Sands... I will definitely visit this place when I'm there again.. Such a pretty sight with all of the lights before entering the ol' boring East Coast Park (ECP) :P 

One happy shot for the camera ;)
Pic credits to Running Shots, Singapore

After the 21km marker at ECP, the heavy rain and strong winds decided to 'dance and play' with us... And my legs decided to cramp up from 25km and onwards... Almost wanted to give up but I kept running and walking... The supporters at ECP were great and motivating... And thank God for Azim aka Fotuenti as we decided to run and complete this marathon together though he could have gone much faster than my 'out-of-the-window' pace :P 

Legs decided to give up running 3km before the finish line... Well, there's always a first time when it comes to walking the last 3km of your race, ey? Hehe... 

So, we both crossed the line with an official PW of 5 hours 53 mins... Almost an hour from our targeted time.. Hehe :P

Fotuenti and I... 
Congrats for completing your first FM out of Malaysia :P Let's beat that time in KL k? 
Thanks for running with me throughout the marathon route :)

Screw Sundown, we heart NY so much more :P
Pic credits to Captain G

With my 'accidental' host...
Congrats for completing your medal collection too ;)
And thanks a lot for the yummy breakfast that you've prepared when we were 'limping' back to your place :P And for being an a-we-so-me host!
Steak date soon! xx

My first night marathon and definitely the toughest one that I've ever completed so far! I am just happy and grateful to complete my 6th marathon :)

Oh, and this was also a PW when it comes to getting chafing marks on my body... The things that runners have to go through :P

Medal collection from Sundown is now complete...
(Unless if they decided to do their 84km or 100km race :P)

Congrats to all of the runners that braved through the storm to complete your race respectively!

I SERIOUSLY need to make up at next month's KL Marathon ;)

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  1. Just reading this entry about Sundown makes me already wanna throw out and have cramp on my stomach. I knew it's going to be hell again when the organizer decided to bring back the race into ECP. And changed the start time at the last minute - that was quite irresponsible for the organizer.

    Anyway, awesome hattrick at Sundown - and finishing a marathon there is always a tough feat to do. Now, keep running, get back to where you were or better for the big one in Chicago.

    Well done Nana!