Thursday, May 17, 2012

And They Live Happily Ever After :) one of the penyeris, our own Ms Ah Moi aka Shazzy :)

Two weekends ago, the penyeris threw bridal shower no #3 and no #4 for our bride-to-bes, Shaz and Tasha... And this was 2 days after I came back from my umrah trip...

The theme was: The Journey to Happily Ever After, and revolved around the our favourite Disney princess respectively... 

Started with a get-together dinner with my girls:

My all-time favourite cartoon from Disney - Beauty and the Beast...
Of course I had to be 'Belle' ;)

From L-R: Snow White, Rapunzel, Aurora, Cinderella, Mulan, Ariel and Alice ;)

The next day, the six of us whisked ourselves to the Lion City for a magical weekend ;)

At Universal Studios...
The Transformers Ride was mind blasting(quoting Russell Peters :P)!!!

My favourite place!!!

Window shopping at Orchard Road

Dinner at Clarke Quay

And last weekend, our Princess Shaz finally tied the knot to her prince charming, Ben :)

All of the pics were taken from my penyeri Nyna's album on FB :)

Congratulations to you, Shaz and Ben.... All I can say is, FINALLY!!! :P May you both have a wonderful journey filled with a lifetime of happiness filled with lots of love and laughter :) Love you Shazzy!!!  (Oh, even though you're a Mrs now, don't ever forget our 'deal' ok? :P)

Definitely the 'dulang girl' and bridesmaid year again!

One more fairytale ending to go next month! :)

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