Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Want To Run

My only 'serious' running picture :P
Taken at Nike We Run KL last year by Aiman

If you read one of the earliest posts in this blog, I started running on the treadmill at the gym as part of my fitness regime during my student days... And started entering races back in May 2008 :)

So here are tips based on my experience so far in running (that I could think of) for you noobs out there who want to try out this no-worries type of workout ;)

1. Looking for the perfect running shoes
Thanks to the running craze here in Malaysia, there are so many stores here that you can check out and find the perfect pair for your lovely feet. Here are a couple of stores for you to survey around:

a. Running Lab - Tropicana City Mall
b. adidas - Go to the outlet in The Gardens or Pavilion, more choices. For women, you can check out its standalone store at The Curve
c. Asics - Pavilion
d. Brooks - The Curve
e. Nike - Mid Valley or Pavilion
f. New Balance - The Gardens
g. 2XU - The Gardens
h. Athlete's Circle - Jaya One

Do check your foot type at the store so that the salesperson can recommend suitable options for you. You can also do it on your own by clicking the link here.

Test out the shoes. Run around the store if you have to. I usually do that ;)

Don't be afraid to ask questions to the person who's attending to you...

The cost of a pair of running shoes are ranged between RM250 - RM500. Make sure you shop and 'run' around before deciding on your perfect pair :)

I am ADDICTED to running shoes... And it's funny how I get excited over them than a pair of heels these days ;)

My babies so far... Haha :P
Missing in the picture is my new trail running shoes which I've yet to debut ;)

2. Wear comfortable running gear
Most of the stores that I've listed above have a section dedicated to running... Personally, I wear my running tops mostly from Nike because I am comfortable with the material ;) And sometimes I wear the running singlets that were give by the races that I've participated in so far... When I'm training, I usually wear my running shorts by adidas because they have a zipper at the back to keep my keys or money... Loved them!

If you're serious about running later on, then I'd suggest for you to get running tights (eg: 2XU/Skins) and get a sport watch (eg Polar/Garmin/Suunto/Timex)... I am currently using Garmin's Forerunner 610 and he's my best friend ;) You can read here about the watch reviewed by none other than a fellow runner and my friend, Idola ;)

3. Let's run!
Now that you've your shoes and gears, you're all set to run! Here are a couple of places for you to start warming up you legs:

a. Lembah Kiara Park, Taman Tun - one of my fave parks!
b. KLCC Park
c. Desa Park City
d. Lake Gardens
e. Taman Metropolitan Kepong
f. FRIM, Kepong

Make sure that you hydrate yourself before the run... I would normally drink about 2 glasses of water and eat a banana or a toast half an hour before I start my workout... Walk for one loop first for your warm up... And then gradually jog yourself through the park... If you can't maintain your jog, then do a walk-jog-walk-jog technique... Start with 1km on your first day... Find a friend or partner or relative to accompany you for your first few runs... It helps to have someone by your side when you are working out :)

My running friends and I - taken during my last LSD of the year in 2011 :) 

And then gradually increase your mileage (up to 5km) as you get comfortable with your shoes... And when you're ready, try to attempt a 5km run...

When I started running back in the gym, I targeted my run on the treadmill to be between 30 -45mins, irregardless of the distance and pace... So distance or time, it's up to you on how you want to run ;)

Do read here if you want a detailed schedule for your first few weeks of running...

TWO important points:

a. Slab yourself all over with sunscreen when you're out running during the day (your skin needs to be protected!)

b. Please make sure that you stretch your legs before AND after the run... It is super important to do so to reduce muscle soreness and prevent any injury... I pretty much do these stretches demonstrated in this article before and especially after a run...

4. Signing up for races
When you legs are happily running around and you want to join in the fun and crowd at races here, then please do so :) You can check out below on the races that are happening here in Malaysia:

a. Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia -
b. RunWitMe blog -
c. Runners Malaysia -

The typical and minimum distance for a race here in Malaysia is 10km... However, if you feel that 10km is too much to handle for a start, there are races that include 5km or 7km fun run (like last year's NTV7 Feel Good Run or Standard Chartered KL Marathon) :)

I can say that I've met most of my awesome running friends through races... Our favourite session of the day after completing a race is none other than camwhoring!!! And A LOT of it ;P

So, I am looking forward to meet and make new ones for 2012 :)

And there you have it... A somewhat basic guide for you peeps out there to running, courtesy of Ms Road Runner :)

Run happy! Do ask me away if you've anything ok? :)


  1. Wah, entry yang paling ditunggu-tunggu..good post by the way..clap2... :)
    I'm so gonna re read this post all over again...hehe..
    This week, i've started running too at lake, the first few run, memang semput but i started slow..i alternate brisk walk and jog...

    Nak tanya, kenapa kalau kita lari akan rasa sakit dekat bahagian pinggang sebelah kanan? Adakah sebab dh lama tak lari ke?


  2. hannah: thank you! and well done on starting your run! :)
    i think it's maybe before you didn't hydrate yourself enough before the run... so try and drink cold water or gatorade/100 plus before you start lari k? or maybe it could be that your body is getting used to it ;)

    andy: thanks :)

  3. good post nana nunu nini (mungkin) :P

  4. please (I dare) add bukit antarabangsa in item number 3(g) thanks. hehe.
    Kenapa kita lari bukit kita sakit pinggang?

  5. Fuiyoh! I shall run happy (maklumlah pakai Brooks kan ;-p)
    Thank u for the helpful info, especially the reminder to strechhhh....
    I kena call u Cikgu la lepas ni ye...

  6. First pic. Mid foot strike. Very nice. Patut la laju.

  7. manjit: hahaha... well i have to recce the place first then only i'll add that location in.. its too far away :P well, you need to hydrate yourself! ;)

    ka: but you're a seasoned runner already! hehe you're welcome and kereta bila nak dicuci ni? ;P

    doc: hehe, still trying be one ;) thanks! :)