Tuesday, January 10, 2012

14 Days

Yeap... I didn't run for the past 14 days...

I was telling myself that I should be doing other workouts than just running for this month...

And that's what I did ;)

I played futsal with my usual gang, did core exercises and pilates at home...

And yesterday, I broke my 'not-running' spell...

I mean, who am I kidding right? The legs felt super itchy to run again and couldn't stand the fact that they are 'resting' for that period of time... *Drama* :P

So yeah, I did my first 5km of the year with a new running partner last night... Woot woot!!! :)

Still trying to look for other types of workout to add variety and to spice up my so-called healthy life program ;)

Maybe I should dance or rock-climb? What do you think?

Suggestions are welcomed :)


  1. Your new running partner must be so damn cool! Mesti dia baik jugak kan? Hahaha

  2. Hi!

    When YOU are ready, the light of Ashtanga Yoga (http://ninieahmad.com/tag/ashtanga-yoga/) will shine upon you :)

    But for now, my door's open to have you for Yogilates today and let's see how it complements your running in no time, see you in a bit!

    Love and light,

  3. azim: errrr... no comment :P

    ninie: thanks for the awesome one-on-one session! body was all sore the next day... but felt really good! looking forward to more classes by you :)