Monday, January 16, 2012

The Accidental First Race @ Mizuno Wave Run

The plan was not to register for any race for the first two months of the year...

And obviously the plan failed completely :P

My running friends: Izuan, Azu and Azim and I decided to sign up and join the race at the last minute... And mind you, this race was going to be my third run of the year... Told you I was taking my time :P

Since it was also my first time running at this event in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), I wasn't expecting anything but just to enjoy the run and the route :) Plus I only had an hour worth of nap before driving down to UPM at 530am!

Before leaving the stadium
Pic credits to Tey

We were flagged off at 7am... The weather was kind to us runners :) When it comes to runs organised by the Pacesetters Club, you will know that the route will be pretty interesting ;) And indeed it was! Loved the scenic route and the last 1km hill of the 10km route that gave our legs an extra workout before coming back to the stadium ;)

I have to say that the Pacesetters Club did an amazing job for organising the race yesterday... I especially like the running from-and-back-to the stadium... Felt like a real athlete ;) So thank you Mr President, Rustam and his team for a memorable day for the runners yesterday :)

And Alhamdulillah, crossed the finish line with a PB of 58 mins 21 secs :) And also helped a friend to achieve her first sub-1 hour too and met so many running friends that I haven't seen for a while... So those two were my highlights from the race :)

Apprentice and I - We were Yin and Yang ;)
Congrats for finally achieving your sub-1 in your new adios... Another Adizero convert ;) 

With Mr President - Thank you again and looking forward for the next race! :)

With Rosey - finally a pic with you since our last one was in Gold Coast!
Looking forward to more runs and pictures with you this year! ♥

With Izyan - Congrats for getting your sub-1! 
Had fun running with you at the last 1km! :)

Sub-1 runners ;)
Congrats to Azim for getting an a-we-so-me timing of 55 mins ;)
Congrats to Idola for your time of 53 mins (not his PB but still so fast!) ;P 

Fave (jumping) shot of the day by Mr Tey :) 
We had fun!!!

So I guess that my legs are all warmed up to run again ;) 


  1. Love the jump shot!! Great job guys!! Thumbs up!!

  2. andy: thank you! and the shot is my fave! ;)

  3. great write up on the event! thought it was a great event as well, great way to start the running year! :D


  4. teh tarik drinker: yeap it was a good event! definitely will come back again next year! thanks for reading the post! :)

  5. Congrats Princess!
    Accidental dan tidur sejam pun masih PB yang sangat awesome!

  6. deo: hehe thanks! hope you're recovering well over there! :)

  7. idola: the breakfast session after that was priceless ;P