Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Report Card is Out!

Well, by Dailymile that is... Hehe

No runs were logged in May as it was my resting month from the operation ;)

As you can see, it took me a while to really get myself running last year :P

But hey, here's to many, many more runs and (fewer) races this year ;)


  1. Congrats Nana..almost forgot about that surgery. Strong comeback for NY :)

  2. think I ran less than half of what you ran.

    Nana rawks! Perhaps you should try watersports la pulak, i.e. kayaking :-)

  3. Report card all A's nampak. Congrats Nana.

  4. lambat-lambat start pun... u got urself two fabulous sub-5's and a super-sublime sub-4:30. life in the fast lane must be good, huh ;) well done, Princess G! *hugs*

  5. ray ray: thank you! and alhamdulillah for NY :) ps: tak boleh baca your blog lagi? ;P

    ka: hehe thanks! my car is still waiting ;P

    andy: hehe first 2 months and in may not so A at all ;P thanks!

    senorita: hehe alhamdulillah for the fact that the body & legs want to co-operate ;) thanks senorita and superwell done on your awesome report card too! :D *hugs*

  6. i got prob with blogger, it does not update my latest entry...