Monday, June 27, 2011

The Funnest Run @ Standard Chartered KL Marathon :D

Yeap, that should sum up my experience of running for the biggest event here in KL yesterday morning... :)

This year, my running friends and I decided to make it an event to remember by being costume runners!!! And our theme was:

Running away from skool girls ;) 
Shanaz, Azu and I decided to match our outfits by wearing RunningSkirts, ties and nametags respectively...
My name was Princess G ;) 
(G stands for 'Gediks' because it is our running family's name... Hehe)

Alex and his Xtramilers came to support us this time :) 

Shanaz (Captain G), Azuria (Apprentice G), Marlin (Missy G) and I were running the half marathon category and the intention was for us to run and pace together since it was Azu's maiden 21km... The route was same as last year's one... And I decided to carry my Sony camera this time around to snap pictures... 

But of course that didn't happen... :P Shanaz and Marlin disappeared from our radar after the 8.5km marker... Thank God a friend of mine, Izary, who was also doing his first HM ran with us... And because of him, we camwhored along the remaining 11km route... ;)

Here are a couple of the pics during our run:

At the start of Jalan Tun Razak

The tiny us at Jalan Bukit Bintang

Fueling up on Powergel for our last 3km next to KLCC and the Twin Towers :)

I had such a blast running and pacing with Azu and Izary... And I have to say that Azu will definitely remember her maiden HM because I 'alerted' her on the photographers along the route... Hehe... Hence, more pictures were taken by our friends and kind strangers such as these pics:

Us at the start of Jalan Bukit Bintang
Pic credits to Luyen

Before turning to Jalan Ampang
Pic credits to Malaysia Runners Network

We both decided to hold our hands together and run our hearts out at the last 1km... 

Sweet eyy? ;)

Azu and I, crossing the line and of course posing for the cameras ;)

We both completed the 21.1km in 2 hours and 33 mins (*will update the timing here once the official results are out!)...

Princess G with her first HM finisher medal for the year! :)

With Izary and Azu with their first HM finisher medals respectively

Yayyyy to us and that I was really happy to witness the 'devirginalisation' of my two running friends, Azu and Izary as well... :P Congratulations to you both and I am so proud of you! Here's to many more half marathons and perhaps a full one soon! ;)

And special thanks to Izary for taking our pics and buying us 100plus at the petrol station when were superthirsty... :) 

Of course, with our skool outfits, we just had to camwhore a lot after running... ;)

Marlin and Shanaz completed their HM together 10 mins earlier than us... So much for running together, huh Captain? :P

Pic credits to Marlin

A massive congrats to my fellow G, Izuan aka Glory2 G for completing your second FM with a superb timing of 4 hours 29 mins!  
We're so proud of you!!! :D

Our dream one day ;)

With KK who was the 5:30 pacer for FM...
Congrats to my fellow Wildcat, Selly aka Senorita G for completing your 3rd FM with a PB of 5 hours 40 mins! :)

The G girls are now complete!!! My fave pic of us girlies... :D
Pic credits to Selly

Our other running friends in costumes:

Karen was the Bumblebee Queen ;) 

Mawar and Ijam ran their FM together as bride and groom... How cute! :)

With Irwan aka Herr (Mister) G who was sporting in RunningSkirts as well ;)
He was being an awesome runner and pacer to one of the FMVs (Full Marathon Virgins), Yani...
Both of them crossed the line at 6 hours 26 mins...
Well done Irwan and welcome to the club Yani! :)

Overall, I would say that the event was a successful one, despite the fact that the traffic control may need to be improved a lil' bit more since we runners were inhaling those CO2 along the busiest streets like Jalan Cheras or Jalan Sultan Ismail... Water stations were sufficient, sponges were provided (though it would've helped us if they were cold :P), the volunteers and the policemen on duty were awesome to make sure that no runner gets hit... :P 

Though, I do wish that the KLites are more supportive when it comes to the running events here... Guess it'll take time before they actually treat one of these as a festival or a party, just like in Paris... :)

But this year's event is definitely a memorable one due to the fact that my running family has tremendously expanded for the past 1 year or so... :) 

♥ ♥ ♥

We had a blast!!! :D
Pic credits to Tey 

Here's to more running friends and more costumes to run in after this!!! :D

Next: My 4th Full Marathon @ Gold Coast Airport Marathon *gasp*


  1. ahem, ur fave pic tu was from me lah =P

  2. selly: oppps! dah tukar... too many tagged pics flying around yesterday night... got confused ;P thanks! :)

  3. U girls were awesome, tinggi nya lompatttt

  4. congrats nana..cute gila pakai baju budak sekolah dgn geng..teringat cerita jepun pasal budak-budak sekolah ni...

  5. ahem, i wonder who will be Naughty G or Horny G? he he

    congrats Nana, i could sense there will be busloads of Gediks Team next year :)

  6. well done Princess G! korang memang gediks! hahahahaha

  7. Kak June, i tak larat nak angkat kaki any higher after running 42K! hehe

  8. BABE I LOVE YOUR RUNNING SKIRTS!!!!!! SAYA NAAAAK!!! i wish i had the stamina to run with you awesome runners la! i haven't done any runs in a while. been so de-motivated lately. the last HM i did at ENR sort of put me off running for a bit. need to get hyped up about it again!

  9. kak june: you were awesome too on that day! hehe tinggi sebab happy sangat :P

    ijam: thanks and congrats to you and mawar again! :)

    stupe: thanks... haha, you gotta go through the screening process first :P

    nik: i heard that you were there at the fmvs station!!! kenapa tak ke finishing line?

    ultra ray ray: thanks! well, there are still slots for those 2.. hahaha :P

    syah: tak nak join ke superstar? ;) ps: i'm still waiting on your delicious treat! ;)

    selly: ok apa tinggi tu ;)

    nass: thanks!!! when i order again, i'll let you know k :) and yes, let me know if you need a push.. i'll be more than glad to help and run with you ;)

  10. I was the volunteer there and definitely your participation enhanced the event...