Thursday, June 23, 2011

Runners in the Media (Part 2) :)

In conjunction with the upcoming Standard Chartered KL Marathon, a number of us runners have been appearing in the media... 

So, here's the 2nd edition from the last week's post :)

Shanaz and I in Berita Harian last Wednesday :) 
Both of us had to run at the KLCC Park for the photographer to take those shots ;) 
Click here to read the full article

And we were featured on the Quickie show at 8TV last week... Shanaz's dad managed to record this for us :)

The quickest interview that we've ever done! ;) 

Another friend of ours, Mr Syahril Kamaruddin was featured in these 2 write-ups as well:

Photo courtesy of Essence Communication // Syahril Kamaruddin
On MSN Sports Malaysia website... Click here to read the full article
See the difference?!!! He's like a Malay supermodel now ;)
(Syah, you owe me a meal for saying that! :P)

Another article featured in Berita Harian - Click here to read the full article...

T-3 days till the biggest running event in my country!!! 

I am super excited!!! :D 


  1. OMG Nana... tatau mana cheq nak sorok muka ni haa...

    sapa nak pi Delicious?

  2. wohoo!! Celebrities mania!...nanti ambik gambar sama tau...

  3. syah: hehe glamourous la you ;) i want i want!!! :D

    ijam: haha mania la sangat... see you this sun! :)