Friday, June 3, 2011

Keyword: Running

If you can see my dailymile widget on the right side, it has finally been updated!!!


I finally laced up my running shoes and went for a run for the first time on Wednesday evening at the park after a month and a half of resting and waiting for my wound to heal... And it felt so good to be running again since I've done quite a damage to the body from all of the food that I've been consuming... Hehe...

And guess what?!!! I decided to sign-up and run my 4th full marathon at the Sunshine State of my 2nd 'village'...

Woot woot!!!

This is to And I only have 30 days to train for this... Slowly but surely I know that I can do it... PB or not... :) 

Looks like the treadmill and the parks will be my best friends!!! 

I am SOOOOOOOOO back with a vengeance babyyy!!! :D :D :D 


  1. welcome back..the polka dot running skirt misses u.. :p

  2. ray ray: haha... i need to get more skirts :P thanks! :)