Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air :)

Wow... It has been a week since my last entry...

And yes, it has been a busy week for me... Currently attending a week's worth of seminars for my work...

*Pengsan*... I feel like a student all over again with the back-to-back talks...

Oh, and I've decided to chop my 'bobby' hair over the weekend after thinking about it for too many times!!! Hehe... Just wanted to go ahead and do it since I needed a change... ;)

And here's the result :):

With my stylist for the past 3 years already :)
What do you think? Yayy or nayy? ;)

I am still getting used to the new hair since it has been a while since I've never had such (supershort!) hairdo...

And for my dadaa who likes to see his daughter in long hair, he actually like this hairdo!!! Yayyyy!!! :D

Will blog more once I'm done with my last session this Friday...

Hope everyone's having a good week so far :)


  1. wow u look different but very nice,

    the glasses made you look taller :p

  2. hairstylist mesti nak kena nampak lembut...kenapa?..takut lah...

  3. ray ray: hahaha... funny la you :P

    madam: thanks babe! :)

    ijam: oh hairstylist i ni very straight.. gf model lagi ;)

  4. nice hairstyle. definite yaay for me. tapi tak sayang ke potong tu? haha. but u can always grow it back kan?

  5. indeed a fresh look. shorter hair = less weight = run faster !!! wooohhooo....

  6. Babe, macam Emma watson lah. I am considering to chop it off like her too.

  7. ka: thanks! hehe... too late for sayang :P and yeah... rambut boleh grow ;)

    dannie: haha.. will see about that! thanks! ;)

    kak kash: i wanted to do her supershort do.. tapi takut lagi... hehe.. maybe the next time bila i pergi trim ;)