Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sprint Day at Pacesetters 10th Track Meet

I know I'm a bit behind on this update (3 days only... OK what :P), but I had such a super hectic weekend (only slept for 2-3 hours since Friday till Sunday) and had the much-needed rest for the past 2 days...

But I had such fun last Sunday with these fellas from Team RBU: 

Team RBU:
Back: Razif, Ijam, Azhar and Fiki
Front: Shanaz, Moi, Aini and Mawar

Last 2 weeks, Mr Ray Ray facebook-ed me and asked if I was interested to be part of the women's team for the RBUs... And since I was a sprinter back in both high and primary schools, thought it'll be fun to join and do something productive on a Sunday morning ;)

Our team did spectacularly well on that superhot day and bagged 12 medals in total... 

As for me, I contributed 4 'pingat emas-es' to the team :) Woot woot!!! The only timings that I managed to remember was that I clocked in at 16.12 secs for my 100m and 6 mins 12 secs for the women's 4x100m relay... :D 

Of course, there were a lot of camwhoring moments... Team RBU ni memang suka posing semuanya :P:

My fave shot by Shanaz ;)

Lari also can pose ok ;P
Pic credits to Tey

Pic credits to KK

Pic credits to Tey

Macam menang besar :P
Pic credits to Rozmi 

With our babies ;)

With the running queen ;) 

Massive congratulations to everyone and let's do this again next year!!!

But, please have additional runners... Tak larat to run all of the events weiii :P 

If you want to read the full report, click here and read Mr Ray Ray's report... (Razif: I jual your blog ni... Nanti boleh belanja I lagi k :P)


  1. fuh, berlari atas angin tak jejak tanah cik illyna alin ni...nasib baik nampak bayang2, kalau tak something else le...
    tapi memang berdesup mcm angin...!!!
    cross country jgn lupa masuk, i dah cakap dgn aini jgn basuh dulu vest rbu tu, pakai masa race day..ha, ha..

  2. ijam: hahaha... kudos to you for trying with your injured peha ;) eh..cross country bila? i wanna join tapi tak sure when/how...

  3. wahhhh patut laju...lari x pijak tanah!

    Next year kita hantar 4 team, i'll make sure the team is in the correct categories...he he

  4. ray ray: haha... kalau tak pijak tanah kaki tak sakit the next day :P but yes... let's send more teams next year! ;)

  5. event by kerajaan the old timer, tak boleh on line, nak kena offline. iaitu pegi kat wisma ftaaa kat victoria institution kat stadium merdeka sana. Everything manual lah, boring2...waste petrol dgn duit budak jaga parking je. If you need help, just text number is ..ehem, ehem, ehem x 7...