Monday, January 31, 2011

Awesome (Camwhoring) Session @ Putrajaya Twilight Challenge...

The plan: To run as far as 33km on Saturday night (29 Jan)...

The culprit: Miss KD (If only I didn't bump into her... Excuse :P)

The result: Ran (and gossiped) for 15km (we think... and yes created our very own category :P) under the drizzling rain and had loads of fun taking pictures for the entire night ;)

Evidence as below:

Before the run:

The running skirters - Shanaz and I ;)

Happy/'Gedik' pose before registering myself ;) 
Pic credits to Jamie 

Happy runners we are :)
Pic credits to Shanaz

With the runfool chicas ;)

During the run:

Replenishing at the 2nd last water station!
Pic credits to Tey

My 'hello everyone' pose while running ;)
Pic credits to Tey

Seconds before completing our very own 5km :P
Pic credits to Tey

After the run:

Team 30km duo :P

With Nik of Enaikay

With superkurus Jamie ;)

With Ian of Corporate Athletes!

With my 1st finisher medal of the year! ;)

With Ray and Syah

Finally! A pic with Tey! ;)

With the RBUs ;)

Chicas with the organiser, Irwan ;)
Two thumbs up to Irwan for organising this fun session for us :D

See!!! We're such camwhores right?!!! But I'd like to think that we make running look oh-so-much fun!!! ;) 

So, next time, if you ever see me, snap a pic with me ok? I'll be more than glad to strike a pose ;)

Hope everyone had a fun weekend! :)


  1. Cool Pix! Hope to catch u for a pix on coming runs! :)

  2. meriah sungguh gambar2 di FB dengan gambar Nana :D

  3. eh, gambar u dgn i takde eh?? ruginya I....

  4. ijam ko dengn aku ada tak ada sama je... tak yah nak sibuk2

  5. zeroice: thanks! and yes, see you soon! :)

    syah: haha... sebab intention #1 that night was to take lots of pics and not running... hence 15km :P

    ijam: you dah berdesus terus lepas group pic tu... yang lain lepak2 je ;)

    zul: hahaha... jgn la cakap macam tu.. ;P

  6. Hi Ms. Road Runner,

    Well done and congratulations!

    Run safe!

  7. chris: well done on camwhoring? hehe thanks! :P hope to see you running around soon!