Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quote of the day

Pic credits to Picfor.me

" It is sad to know when two people, who used to share everything with each other, are just strangers now." 

- Ms Road Runner -

I hope that this will be the last time and that I don't have to endure feeling this way again... Sangat exhausting when you've been there for too many times already...

And I'm just too 'young' to be starting over at this point... Hehe... 

Well, God has better plans for me... After all, there's always a rainbow after a hurricane right? (Curi Katy Perry's lyrics from Firework :P)

InsyaAllah and amin :) 


  1. but still can be good friend? kenot meh?...

  2. ijam: well, maybe with time boleh la... but you can never be the same with that person again.. there's always going to be a distance between you two...

  3. You're right, God has better plans for you, have faith, chin up! ;-)

  4. i feel u babe. been there. it doesnt matter how u deal with it, as long as u put urself first, and be happy about it. :) *hugs*

  5. kak haza: thank you for this.. will do! :)

    byna: yeah.. being positive though it's hard at times.. hehe... but thanks! :)

  6. just like a broken mirror, no matter how you mend it, the crack lines will be visible. it's time to get a new mirror :D