Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup Fever

The weather has been really bad for the past few days...

I'm literally sick because of that...

Oh, and the fact that the kickoff for World Cup is in 3 days time!!!

Pic credits to FIFA.com


I can't wait to watch 'my' team in action that I've been supporting since I was 15... (Thanks to my abang for his influence!)

If you read one of my previous posts, you'd know the team that I am supporting.. ;)

Here's to: sleepless nights, looking like a zombie at the office, junk food snacking, criticising players as though we can play like one of them, name callings to the players or the referees, hanging out with my boys, football talk and cheering my team for the next one month! :P

PS: There are so many players that are injured due to the friendly matches and might not make appearances for their teams respectively... You can check out the list here...I think if these injured players were to form a team, they'd be a kick-ass team to watch... Just my two cents worth... Don't you think so? ;)


  1. Hey yanna, it's going to be a great month :-)
    Which team are u rooting for? don't tell me it England..hu hu

  2. rayzeef: it will be fab month indeed :) of course NOT! They've won once only... Tak power! :P

  3. aik still did not answer my question?

    I always supported Germany, although i don't think deutschland would fare better without midfield maestro Ballack :-(

    Now your turn?

  4. I'm all in for Brazil!! the best ever display of teamwork! Happy World Cup month, road runner!

  5. rayzeef: you'll see on Friday..but if you baca one of my previous posts, you will know kot ;) Hehe..

    ian: oh, chasing the sixth star eh? we'll see about that :P Happy world Cup month to you too! :)