Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dedicated to all of the runners out there... ;)

Got this video from my friend in Singapore:

How true... I usually walk like a duck for 2 days after participating in a running event... ;P

Couldn't stop smiling-and-laughing when I saw this ad...

But seriously, do you guys out there get bloody nipples from running?

Must be super ouch! :S


  1. That's how I walked from hotel to airport to airplace to airport to car, and the day after. hahaha.

    Let's see how you do it end of the year. The day-after walk, I mean.

  2. kak haza: i'd prolly walk like a duck for a week nanti ;P

  3. Hahaha too true! Felt EXACTLY like that after the 84km sundown... thanks for posting!

  4. jane: hehe... no worries! and congrats for completing the 84km, you ultragirl! ;)