Friday, June 25, 2010

Gloomy Day

The 2006 Champions bowed out of the World Cup last night at their last group stage game with Slovakia...

If only Buffon was the keeper for the last 2 games...

I have to say that they played badly this time around at this World Cup...

I can't believe I actually cried myself to sleep :(

Nevertheless, my heart will always stay with them.... And no other team...

Oh, well...Here's to Euro 2012 then...

Forza Italia!!!

Will channel out my sadness and frustrations to this Sunday's Half Marathon...

Have a good weekend everyone!

PS: To the runners, let's say 'Hi' to each other if we bump into each other at KL Marathon k? :)


  1. hey nana, the italian was superb in the 2nd half, only they have dumb luck with a doofus 2nd keeper..

    come'on join me supporting the young men of Germany..

  2. met you this morning but you were busy on the phone :D

  3. rayzeef: keeper was a doofus from the NZ game pun.. well i'm putting my money on Germany but not supporting them ;P good seeing you this morning ;)

    firewire: oh really? must be at the starting line right..hehe... must say hi to each other k at the next run :)

  4. Ms Road Runner, it was near the exit of the finishing line. You were so busy, macam celebrity. Haha.

    If I see you in PBIM, I will say hi :D

  5. firewire: oh...i think i was looking for my friends since I came with them...hehe.. mana ada celebrity :P yes, let's say hi at PBIM ok? :)