Monday, June 14, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon, San Francisco... one of the marathons in my wishlist that I'd love to do...

This year's motto for the marathon...

Not only that it is a marathon dedicated to the ladies and the fact that it's a race to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (brownie points!), you'll be showered with these at the end of the race:

HOT HOT HOT Firemen in suits!!! 
(Pic credits to Fit Mom)

And what could that be on the tray that they're carrying? ;)

Ladies, breathe in and breathe out:

A Tiffany & Co.'s finisher necklace *GASP*
Pic credits to Tara 

How super awesome is that!!!

I WANTTTTT ONEEEEEEEE!!! (*Sounding like a spoilt brat*)

Maybe next year or in 2012 perhaps? ;)


  1. Nana go for it:)

    Better start a tabung for that 50 cents to get u started :)

  2. rayzeef: awwww thanks! :) insyaAllah will go for it if money permits next year ;)