Thursday, June 10, 2010

My 'bible' for one month...

Look what I bought during lunch hour at Borders:

FourFourTwo's Complete Guide to World Cup :)

And it comes with:

1. Wall Chart (Schedule of the games)
2. Pocket Guide (Putting this in my handbag ;P)
3. Trading Cards (Boys will be boys :P)

Inside of the guide:

Interviews with players/coaches
One of the best defenders ever: Fabio Cannavaro

All about the 32 teams
The host: South Africa 

France: Will they make it to the finals again?

Argentina: The jersey's my 2 favourite colours ;)
Can't wait to watch Messi in action!

England: No comment :P

Italy: Will the Azzurris get their 5th star?

Spain: Apparently the 'on form' team at the mo...
Jesus Navas is HOT ;)

History section: Hand of God by Maradona

Go and get your copy now! ;)


  1. Just remembered, i haven't bought my copy yet and the big day it's tomorrow..

    err how much?

  2. rayzeef: it's RM19.90 (a good investment since it's once in 4 years) :)