Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where Did My 6 Months Go???

As we enter the first day for the month of July, I just can't believe that half of the year for 2010 has gone by!!!

Nevertheless, I'm grateful that:

  • My back's condition (Spondylosis L5) has subsided and I'm back to running again! (I participated in these 3 events only last year - Shape Night Run, Standard Chartered Singapore Half Marathon, Malakoff 12km Run) :)
  • I started this blog and have made many new friends with other bloggers (especially the runners out there) :)
  • I have improved on my timing for my half marathon and can't wait to smash my PB for this as I go along :)
  • I have made new friends from OBC :)
  • I didn't donate a lot of money to Maxis like before, thanks to the discovery of Blackberry Bold 2 :P
  • Allah SWT has given me the inner strength and will to be stronger each time when the going gets tough... Alhamdulillah :)
  • I've lost 2kgs so far! :) (Yes, I am vain :P)
  • My Penyeris and Oprah ladies are there for me when I needed them the most :)

My Penyeris :)

My Oprah Ladies :)

Last but not least, I thank my parents for their never-ending support, love and dedication toward their daughter-yang-tak-boleh-duduk-diam... Hehe...

To Mumsie & Dadaa, thank you for being my rocks for the past 6 trying months :D :D :D

Hoping to end the remaining 6 months of the year in high notes, insyaAllah! :)


  1. You certainly have achieved more in 6 months than most people can in 6 years.

  2. kak haza: thanks!!! :) i guess it's normal to feel that you haven't done enough kan... us humans will never be satisfied anyway... ;)