Friday, July 16, 2010

Runners. Yeah, we're different.

Happy Friday everyone! :)

I haven't been training for my 21km run this Sunday di Ipoh... (Bad girl!)

So, I'm going to run after work later (please don't rain!)...Or else I'd have to run on the boring treadmill again...

My post title today is about one of the BEST running ad campaigns done by adidas in 1999...

Only you runners and I can completely understand and relate to one or two of the print ads below from the campaign ;):

A must before running! ;)

Would love to visit a doc's room filled with his/her running bibs

Maybe not this ad for me :P 

Have never tried this before :P

Salute to all of the running mummies out there! :)

The things we do when it comes to running :P

Superb ads kan?

Have a good weekend!

Good luck to all pelaris that will be running for Muzium Telekom Run, Siemens Run and Ipoh International Run respectively! :)


  1. Hi Nana... blog hopping from Nik's...

    Superb ads... love the one in the doc's office.

  2. amsyah: hello there! hehe no worries :) superb ads indeed... i'm still wondering how 'ouchie' is those nipple chafing for you guys :P

  3. I remember these ads very well. That was when I was still RW's customer LOL! Very well made and captures the spirit runners have. The runner with the naked butt is Todd Williams, an elite racer who once held the American 15K record. I also change at my car but at least I'm in my briefs la...

    Any form of chafing is a no-no - otherwise you'll be doing the Michael Jackson trademark "owwww!" in the shower. Good luck with your training for Melbourne!

  4. jamie: definitely one of the best running campaign i've seen... and thanks for sharing the info on the naked butt runner... He's got a nice one ;P

    yeah, i experienced my first chaffing after KL marathon and i was doing an mj in the shower.. hehe...

    thanks for the luck! going to need it! :)