Thursday, July 8, 2010

We train hard and we play harder...


Last night was OBC Bandar Utama's 1st Graduation Party...

It's a tradition to have one after a month of hardcore trainings and 'punishments' from the trainers... And plus we get to mingle with the other bootcampers and be in nicer clothes other than our usual and smelly OBC workout clothes ;P

I have to say that my attendance last month was super bad...  *spanking myself*

I hope that I will be able to go to my 1st session for this month tomorrow which is like super long overdue!!!

The party was held di:

Pic credits to ecoba
The food is not bad at all! And it's reasonably-priced...
Check out this place k? ;)

Anyways, the theme was World Cup!!! So all of us had to wear football jerseys... (If not, we had to do 10 grunts... :P)

Of course I wore my Italy jersey (Forza Azzurris!!!)...

So punctual la these people! ;P

Sarge Dann of OBC Bandar Utama + his beau, Ody Si Kecil ;P

With one of the admins for OBC Bandar Utama and one of my darling Oprah ladies, Rosey (she's still single! *wink*) - Pakai baju siapa tu? ;P
Note to self: Must visit the salon this weekend! Hair is like a broom!

With Corporal Chun, one of the trainers for OBC Bandar Utama 
We used to train in the same group at Padang Merbok... The kiasu-est bootcamper back then...
*Will support the Oranjes this Monday morning!

With the Oprah ladies minus Nyna

With Rosey and Sarge Andy from OBC Bukit Jelutong in our Italia jerseys!
Woot woot! ;)

With superwoman and Corporal Sandy of OBC Bandar Utama
She completed her 21km at KL marathon in 1 hour and 57 mins!

With super petite Ody who's like 8 kilos! lighter than me... 

With my roomie in Singapore for Sundown, Luyen

With my Oprah ladies :)
Ili - too bad Germany lost this morning... but Spain played much better football though ;)

The MOST manja/spoilt person from bootcamp decided to get into the group pic...
Boo to Portugal! :P

He gets punched by us for being that :P

All of us were donned in either jerseys from the EPL club or country (like moi), but ONE person stood out from the crowd:

I covered the club's logo in this pic...
Me giving a weird face on his choice of jersey :P

My friend Ded was wearing S-E-L-A-N-G-O-R's club jersey!!! Hehehe... Salute! :P

Had a good time last night... It has been a while....

Oh, do check out Original Bootcamp here and let me know if you're interested as we have 'Bring A Friend' Day every month, where you'll get a chance to try out on what this programme is all about...and why we wake up super early in the morning to do so! Hehe... 

This month's Bring A Friend Day will be happening next Friday, 18 July.... Let me know k? ;)



  1. hey Corporal Chun looks he one of the recent FMV at SCKLM? mmmm

  2. rayzeef: ermm don't think so.. he's been running for quite some time now... muka serupa je kot ;)

  3. rayzeef: correct.. oh i just saw his pic at KL marathon, and yes he was wearing the FMV running jersey but he's definitely not one! ;P

  4. he's not one? not a virgin..he he