Thursday, July 15, 2010

Road ID

I came to know about Road ID from Kak Haza's post on her blog titled Running 101: Staying Alive (Thanks Kak Haza!)

After reading the post, the impulsive shopper in me decided to check out the website and place an order on the Wrist ID Elite after reading the stories and testimonials...

Just another precaution step (insyaAllah I will be OK) :)

And last night, this lovely parcel was waiting for me at home to unwrap it ;)

If you can't speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you :)

The back of the parcel...
The story of how Road ID came about...

A comic strip on the Road ID story.. How cute!

My very own Road ID in purple!!! :D

I have included these information to be engraved on the ID tag, since they allow 6 lines:
- Name (of course) with the year that I was born in
- Where I'm from
- My father's name and mobile no
- My first brother's name and mobile no
- My medical condition

And the last line is my  FAVOURITEST line:

The things I live by:

Can't wait to start wearing it when I go for my outdoor runs... :)

Oh, and they've given me 3 Tell-A-Friend coupons. Each coupon entitles you to $1 off on any Road ID products. It may not sound a lot, but you still get to save a lil'... ;)

Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the coupon number k :)


  1. Heya Ms Road Runner,
    I've been wanting to get one. Your entry made me want it more. Just unsure of colour now. Spoiled for choice. Can I have the measly $1 coupon, please? My e-mail is Thank you.

  2. khairul: hi there! sure thing, will email you the coupon number! have fun picking out your Road ID! (I might order another one :P)