Friday, July 30, 2010

We Know...Because We Run

Happy Friday to all of us!!!

Since today is an Ad Day, I'm going to share with you all a campaign that was done by Saucony in 2008... Hence the title of my post today :)

"The campaign amplifies Saucony's authenticity and emotional connection with runners everywhere." (Taken from here)

I only managed to locate one print ad for this campaign:

Short ke? :P

Not sure if the TVC below's connected to the campaign but I thought it was brilliantly executed :)

Oh, remember my previous post on climbing the steps of Batu Caves?

Well, I am SUPER excited as twenty of us will be heading to Kota Kinabalu for the next 4 days AND...

Pic credits to Adiman

That's right, we're going to climb the highest mountain in South East Asia!!!

I hope that I will be able to go through the obstacles to get to the peak insyaAllah...

Wish me lots of luck k? :)

Have a good weekend everyone and good luck to all of the runners for this weekend's Shape/Men's Health Run, Media Run & Larian Perpaduan KLIUC! :)

I'll be back with more happy pictures!!! :D 


  1. Good luck Ms Road Runner! I tried to run up Mt Kinabalu last year but only able to reach Laban Rata in 2:30 hrs. The trail was very steep!

  2. kam: thank you! wow that was fast.. did you go via the timpohon trail?

  3. Hey... haven't visit ur blog for a while. Yes, we ran via Timpohon Gate.