Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Low's Peak

Alhamdulillah!!! I finally arrived at the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu at 630am yesterday :D :D :D

No words could ever describe on how amazingly beautiful the views were from the peak...

Although I had altitude (NOT attitude :P) sickness at the last 700m of the climb, it didn't stop me to climb to the peak...

After 4hrs of climbing down, we found out that we had to immediately check out of Laban Rata... So we packed our bags and climbed down for another 4 hrs 45mins through the Timpohon trail before heading back to KK park to grab our luggages and rushed to the airport to catch out night flight back to KL!!! *Phew*

Pure madness but it was superworth it!!!

I can't believe that I worked out for about 13hrs yesterday and burned between 10,000 - 15,000 calories from the 2 climbs!!!

This is DEFINITELY one of the greatest achievements that I've done in my life...

And I don't mind doing it all over again :)

CONGRATS to the 10 climbers that made it to the peak!!! And CONGRATS to the 8 climbers for going through the 1st climb with your heart and soul!!!

We shall celebrate BIG time soon!!! :D

The climbers 
Pic credits to Abe Yaz

I am going to reward myself with lots of sleep today ;)

Will update about my trip soon!!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D


  1. Wow...i mean WOW! Congrats! 13 mean feat.

  2. congrats for a job well done ... it was awesome right? .... great experience. Can't wait to read your climb report. :)

  3. khairul: thank you! it was a grueling monday and tuesday for me ;)

    ian: thank you! it was beyond awesome!!! for some weird reason i want to climb and conquer it again! ;)

  4. Congrats dear! Happy for you! =)

  5. baybe foxx: thank you! :) now still recovering.. hehe..