Monday, August 16, 2010

Runners I Met & Liked

I recently got myself this supercute Archie Grand notebook from one of my favourite stores, Old Blossom Box Store:

Pic taken from here (since I can't upload pics!)

The website even has a how-to-have-fun-with-a-journal page... Click here to check it out... Too cute!!!

There are other cute and funny cover titles to tickle your fancy for the notebook:

Pic taken from here

I am going to start bringing this notebook to all of the running events that I'm going to participate in and get you runners out there to sign or write about themselves in it...

Guess I'll be approaching any one of you from now onwards... Or you can always voluntarily come up to me too ;)

Maybe I should get myself a mini polaroid camera so that I could include photos in it...

Hmmmm... ;)


  1. the polaroid camera is a brilliant idea!

    do we get paid signing your book? he he

  2. rayzeef: amboiiii dah tanya pasal payment pulak... i tulis ' voluntarily' kan? :P

  3. jamie: ouhhh a lomo!!! i have the colorsplash camera but left it in melbourne.. thought of getting the fuji instax though... ;)