Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vision Board

Our mentor, Farhanah was telling us the Oprah ladies about the concept of Vision Board during one of the dinners at Armin's house last year...

Hence, the nickname Oprah ladies derived from that heart-to-heart session that we had that night :)

The four of us (Ili, Rose, Nyna & I) with our mentor, Farhanah :)

A Vision Board is actually your dreams depicted in pictures or words...  

Basically it's what you want or desire to achieve in your life... Be it career, life, health or love...

And the board serves you as a daily reminder so that you'll achieve each and every one of them in the future insyaAllah...

All you have to do is:
1. Gather all your old magazines or catalogues.
2. Go through them and pull out images, phrases or words that speak to you or evoke feelings.
3. Place the images and words on a manila card (or a magnetic board if you're lazy to paste them!) in a way that feels right to you.
4. Paste the images and words on the card and your Vision Board is done!
5. Review your Vision Board and ask yourself these questions (courtesy of
- What have I learned about myself from looking at it?
- Do I see any patterns?
- Does anything on my Vision Board surprise me?
- If I knew that all of the images and this Vision Board would come into my life, would I be OK with that?
- Who do I need to become in order to fulfill the intentions of my Vision Board
- Based on the Vision Board, what quality will I commit to developing this year?

6. Put the vision board in your room so that when you wake up, it's the first thing that you'll see and gets you motivated to get through your day :)

Here an example:

Pic taken from here

I have yet to do mine, but will definitely work on it after being reminded about it again last night and when I'm 'planting grapes' soon ;)

So, go on... Do your own Vision Board and maybe we can swap or share stories on this in the near future... :)


  1. very interesting project ... come on, share with the readers your VB! :)

  2. ian: yes yes, will definitely share once i've done it... :) you should do yours too and then maybe we can share as well nanti ;)