Friday, August 27, 2010

For the LOVE of Running

Every morning or evening, I have a battle with myself when it comes to going for a run or working out...

Sometimes I win, sometimes my bed or my mind will win... And it's a constant and an ongoing battle that I have with myself on this... ;)

I am sure that all of you runners out there have to deal with your love/hate relationship with running...

So it was natural for me to share these 2 TVCS by New Balance when they launched this awesome LOVE/hate running campaign developed by BBDO New York back in 2008 today :)

Mighty spot-on!

The bed is always the kryptonite for us morning runners :P

So, put on your shoes and give 'em an awesome workout for the LOVE of running...

Have a good (and long for the Selangor workers :P) weekend everyone! :)

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