Thursday, September 2, 2010

Till' we meet again.... :)

Hello digital world again! ;)

After almost 3.5 years working as part of the servicing team at my agency, I decided to leave my first ever job after coming back from Melbourne for good...

My ex-colleagues decided to throw a farewell/buka puasa dinner for last Thursday at Mum's Place, Damansara Perdana (highly recommended to all of Nyonya food lovers!)...

Please try the Devil Curry Chicken and the Sambal Petai Cencaru when you're there...
And the Pulut Tekan for sweet tooths!

Instead of getting a farewell card, my ex-colleagues gave me this:

A farewell canvas ( will frame this soon!) :)

Will definitely miss all of you! :)

When I started working at OT, there were only 4 of us... And now, we've grown into a dozen... I'm so glad that I was there to witness the agency's major milestones throughout the past 3.5 years... 

Oh, and remember my post about Bloggie by Sony here? Well, I got that for my farewell gift :D

My very own Bloggie in my fav colour, blue :)
(Must pose with my new toy soon! Hehe)

I guess they wanted to 'be' with me in spirit when I'm carrying this around while running :)

Will definitely try this out on my next running event!

So yes, I'll be bumming around for a couple of months/ when my savings have dried out :P

I'm still fishing around for my next job... So suggestions/openings are very much welcomed here... :)

Will be updating my blog more though it'll take some time to upload one since I am using my laptop from my uni days... *Erk* (Note to self: Get a brand new one with the next paycheck!) 

And of course, I will be running more to prep myself for my first full marathon ;)  


  1. erk jump on greener pastures? good luck on your future undertaking, i bet you'll do fine:)

  2. rayzeef: insyaAllah and amin to that... thanks! :)