Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Newton 25km Challenge Run...

...is the most challenging run that I've ever participated in for this year! (Or maybe in my 2 years+ of running)

I couldn't sleep the night before the race, had steak+cheese from Subway and included chilli sauce (bad had move!!!)... So I suffered that night with my tummy growling and howling at me... Only managed to 'nap' for about 2 hours before waking up again at almost 430am... :(

It wasn't so hard to find the race point... Thanks to my ex-colleague that gave me the directions since she's a Puchong-ian...

I went with my marathoner-to-be friend, Luyen...

With Luyen and Chun before the start!
These 2 are going to run where marathon was conceived next month - Athens Marathon! 

The race started at 630am, but I think it was kinda late for us the 25km runners...

Managed to bump into a couple of the running bloggies at the first couple of kms and at the 8km loop since they were on the other side already... Lajunya...(nice to have finally met you Khairul, Ian, Jamie and Nik!!! *Please be kind with the photo captions k Nik :P*)

I underestimated the run badly... I thought it was just going to hilly at certain kms... But tipah tertipu, it was hilly all the way!!! I was fine at the first 12km, but after that I went into a battle with my legs and my mind... Oh, and the heat was just madness!!!

I think we were at km10-11 here...

I almost wanted to give up the run due to the kepanasan-yang-teramat but I needed to train for my Melbourne Marathon...

And out of the 7 water stations, ONLY one was supplying 100Plus... Like crazy ke apa?!!! We're not freaking Kenyans la organisers!!! Thank God I had my electrolyte drink in one of my bottles on my fuel belt...

I did a lot of walking between 17 - 20km punya area since I didn't want to 'butcher' my legs... And the marker decided to appear at the last 5km of the route!!!

Of course, Tey the ultramarathoner-cum-photographer was waiting to snap all the runners running toward the finish line... And I was camera ready :P

The standard peace pose :P

The "happy that I'm about to cross the finish line" jumping pose

The running pose (I guess) :P (So 'legam' already by this time)
My fav shot of the run from Tey 
Thanks for these awesome pixxies Mr Tey!!! :D

I completed the run in 3 hours and 21 mins (official net time) and managed to grab the 'limited' finisher medal... Yayyyyyy!!! :D

With my 25km finisher medal! :)

But boooooo to the organisers for the inadequate drinks... (Both Milo and 100Plus were finished when I completed the run... :().. Nasib baik uncle jual ice cream came and save us!!!

Camwhored with the usual suspects (and new ones too!) after the run, of course... :P

With Nik of Enaikay
Teasing me with his brand new Camelbak... Tak offer pun? :P

With Chun, Nik and a fellow bootcamper...
Skema posing you Nik! :P *peace*

With YKK, who'll be running at the Melbourne Marathon as well :)

With Luyen... She couldn't complete the run as her knees gave away...
Better get them checked girl!

With Meor and TSB from DM...

With the gorgeous doc, Pui San

With Ms Lily again...
We were pacing together at the start... :)

With Carrie, who was chewing on ice before I told her where the ice cream uncle was ;)
Pic credits to Dannie

With Erni... We're always bumping into each other! ;)

Nevertheless, thanks to all of the runners that chatted with me to keep me going 'til the habis line...

And congrats to all runners for completing the super challenging run!!!

My legs are 'snapping' at the unusual areas and they're in pain at the moment... Oh well, the price you pay for running up and down the hills... :P

Next: Melbourne Marathon on 10.10.10 (my first marathon!)... Can't wait!!! :)


  1. Congrats on completing 25km of those torturing hills, don't fret about the timing, most everyone PW that day, some DNF-ed, other pengsan-ed.

    gudluck on your 1st FMV:)

    p.s. Nik tapau Milo ais dalam camelback tu..hi hi

  2. rayzeef: cannot fret with that kind of heat :P plus didn't want to overdo my legs since I still got some running to do this week kan.. hehe.. thanks for the luck! going to need it!

    ps: ke you yang habiskan before we all habis our run? :P

  3. All the best for you FM babe! and thanks for the pic! :D

  4. it was a great pleasure to have finally met you in person ... :)... But I missed the camwhore session laa .. by the time I went back to the finishing area, I only bumped into several friends...the rest all lesap.

  5. meor: thanks and you're welcome! :)

    ian: likewise... but i think you lesap-ed first kot ;) oh well.. next time yeah! :)

  6. I'll do my best to be as nice as possible with the captions. But, i can't promise anything.
    (if only i have more spare time to start writing up my race report)

    Well done on finishing the race. Nice to have finally met you.

  7. nik: hehe.. can't wait for the entry then! and likewise! :)

  8. nice to meet u too, ms road runner. congrats. a good training for melbourne. add me in FB ye :)

  9. hey, thanks for your deep heat cream during the newton run! we were running together at the 18/19km mark :)...and congrats on ur maiden full marathon!