Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's Your Curve ID?

(Note: I was supposed to post this entry yesterday but the Internet at home went cuckoo!)

I am sure that most of us started buying a pair of jeans with Levi's right? ;)

It felt like the 'right' thing to do when it comes to buying yourself a new pair of jeans...

I started wearing my brother's hand-me-down Levi's jeans back in high school, and I am still collecting them up till' today :)

So, I was flipping through the latest Women's Health issue last night and I came across this ad by Levi's:

Levi Curve ID Have you got your ID?? or is your ass still looking for the right pair of jeans to wear LOL ??
Pic taken from here

Levi's has launched a new women's jeans line that celebrates the curves that us women have... Super yayyy to that!!! ;)

There are 3 custom fits for Curve ID:

1. Slight Curve
2. Demi Curve
3. Bold Curve
(Pic taken from here)

Here's the TVC of the collection:

So, I've googled and found out that the collection is available here in KL already!!! Yaynesss!!!

So ladies, go and check them out!!! And fellas, be a good man and get your lovely girlfriend or wife a pair ;)

Have a good weekend everyone! :)


  1. I tried the curve. None fits me. Or at least I think I dont like the fit.

  2. kooky: ouh really? i have yet to tried a pair on yet!